Terminator: Genisys- Paramount Now Questioning Doing Sequels

Being a fan of the Terminator franchise, I had high hopes for Terminator: Genisys. It could have been a return to what made the series so good-- being high-octane science fiction action films. Arnold Schwarzenegger was returning as the classic cybernetic organism, and the film had a very interesting idea of going back into the timelines of the original two movies and changing it up. What if Sarah Connor was prepared for the Terminator when it arrived in 1982? It was a very interesting premise, and it became a movie I was actually interested in seeing. But then reviews began coming out, and it became very clear very fast that this wasn't going to be a return to greatness. I didn't even end up going to see the movie. I did "In Preparation For" reviews for The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (which you can read here), but I never saw the movie in theaters. I might check it out when it is on VOD... maybe

With the poor response to the movie, disappointing numbers at the box office soon followed. It didn't have a strong opening, and has since gone on to sizzle. On a $155 million dollar budget, it has so far made $81 million domestically, with a total of $278 million worldwide. That may seem like it made money, but it hasn't broken even yet. You still have to factor in theater expenses and marketing. Genisys will probably have to get well into the $300 million dollar range in order to break even. So with this poor critical and box office reception to the film, the planned sequels and television series are now going into question. 

THR is reporting that Paramount is now hesitant to greenlight more films. This is not unexpected, but is an interesting dilemma. Right now, Paramount has a timer. In three years, the rights to the Terminator franchise automatically revert back to its creator, director James Cameron. So it seems like their initial mentality was to put out as much Terminator material as possible to make some money before they lose it. They had plans for a new trilogy, as well as a new TV show. But now, it seems they won't be making much money off of Genisys, and may even lose money. So the question for them becomes this: do they make more movies with hopes that they can make some money off of it or do they wait it out the next three years until the rights go back to Cameron?

What I would want to happen is for Paramount to slow down and really plan out a good movie, but they don't have time for that. If they take time to plan out the movie and really write a good script, they begin to run out of time to actually make it. Ultimately, I hope that this is what Cameron does when he gets the rights back. He doesn't have to direct the movie, but if he could establish a group of writers to really work on a new idea for the film and get it right, it's what could save this franchise. The idea of getting Cameron involved again could draw reluctant audiences to the theaters. But that's three years away. In three years, Cameron will still be doing Avatar movies, and might have his next project lined up after that. So right now we're looking at what Paramount is going to do. 

Terminator: Genisys didn't do well at the box office, so they know they can't just bullsh*t movies for a quick buck. So what I think makes sense (and I hope they do) is just wait it out. Wait until the rights revert back to Cameron. They're not making money off this franchise, so there's no point in continuing to make movies. Like I said, if they were to do it justice, they would really sit down and make a brand new, good story, but they don't have time to do it. So I don't know what Paramount will do, but I hope they just wait it out and leave the franchise alone until the rights go back to Cameron.

What do you think? Should Paramount make more Terminator films, or should they wait until the rights go back to James Cameron? Did you see Terminator: Genisys? Did you like it? Do you want to see Cameron tackle another Terminator film? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate 
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