The Movie Paradise Just Crossed 10,000 Views

Despite some people's beliefs, maintaining a blog is not easy. It's a commitment: to write several articles a day, to market those articles and to edit your site. But it's something I have enjoyed doing for over a year now. I remember when I was excited to get 10 page views a day. I thought that was a miracle. And now, we get over a hundred a day. So I knew it wouldn't be long until we crossed 10,000 page views. Well, today we did. Now, to some bloggers or actual professional writers, 10,000 page views is nothing. That's what they get in a day. But to me, it's special. Because I don't have any help. Sure, our other writer Rob writes a movie review once every few months, but for the most part it's all me. I write two or three articles a day, every day. I don't have ads. My only marketing is posting links to my articles on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So to get 10,000 page views out of that is something I'm proud of.

And I hope to do nothing but grow. I'm going to be just as excited to reach 11,000 as I will for 100,000 or even 1 million views. And it's all because of you, the readers. Please feel free to comment something or email or tweet me. You're the reason why I write this blog, and it would be humbling to hear from some of the people who read what I write. As we grow bigger, fan interactions is something I would really like to work on. 

So thank you for reading this site. I really do appreciate it. Thank you.

-Nate, "The Movie Paradise"
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