Weekly Box Office Round-Up: Ant-Man Climbs the Ant Hill to the Top of the Box Office

This weekend, Pixels, Southpaw and Paper Towns opened in theaters. Let's take a look at this week's box office.

#1 Ant-Man- $24,765,000

In its second week, Ant-Man came in first place. I f*cking called this one! Every other site I read said that Pixels would come in number one, and I said Ant-Man. Well guess who turned out to be right. But besides that, a lot of people have been saying that this movie is failing at the box office. Sure, for a Marvel movie, it's not doing the numbers people expected. But it is far from failing. It has made $226 million worldwide in just two weeks. By next week it will have broken even, and will probably end around $450 million, which is really good. This is a smaller movie for Marvel. If The Avengers was doing these numbers, then that would be a cause of concern, but for Ant-Man, these numbers are fine. You can read our review for the film here

#2 Pixels- $24,000,000

On its opening weekend, Pixels came in second place. This movie did bomb at the box office. $24 million is a poor opening weekend, especially for (what was supposed to be) a summer blockbuster. With the very (expected) negative response to the film, not only did it effect the film's opening weekend, but will probably hinder it in its entire theatrical run. Good word-of-mouth can propel a movie (Ant-Man) while bad word-of-mouth can bury it, which seems like might be happening with Pixels. Now, its budget is $88 million, but you also have to consider theater costs and marketing. It probably has more like $180 to make before it breaks even, and I just don't see that happening.

#3 Minions- $22,100,000

In its third week, Minions came in third place. Though some poor word-of-mouth may have hindered it a bit, this film is continuing to do well at the box office. I didn't know until I looked it up, but the movie has already made over $750 million worldwide and, like I predicted, will probably break $1 billion dollars at the box office. People just really, really like Minions. I have seen them everywhere so really, it's no surprise to me that the movie has been doing so well. I think in a couple weeks, it will cross $1 billion, and will end up being one of many high grossing films of 2015.

#4 Trainwreck- $17,300,000

In its second week, Trainwreck came in fourth place. It had a great $30 million dollar opening last week, and has dropped less than 50%, which is above average for a film. A lot of people have been raving about this movie, especially critics, and it is showing in box office dollars. No one expected it to be number one this week, but it has held on, and I think it will continue to slowly make money throughout the weeks. I think we can all say that this is a clear-cut success for Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Judd Apatow and all the others involved in the movie.

#5 Southpaw- $16,500,000

On its opening weekend, Southpaw came in fifth place. This movie's opening weekend numbers does not make it a failure, but it is less than I expected. I thought it would make more like $20 to $25 million. However, I didn't expect the highest grossing film of the week to be $24 million dollars. And even though Southpaw's intake was less than expected, it didn't do bad. It had a $30 million dollar budget, and it won't have a problem at all breaking even, especially with everyone raving about Jake Gyllenhaal's performance. 

To re-cap, #1 was Ant-Man, #2 was Pixels, #3 was Minions, #4 was Trainwreck and #5 was Southpaw

Next week, the  Vacation reboot and the new Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation open in theaters. I think Mission: Impossible will be number one, with Vacation in second and Ant-Man in third. 

What do you think of this weekend's box office? What will be number one next week? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate 
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