Weekly Box Office Round-Up: Fantastic Flop

This weekend, Fantastic Four, The Gift, Ricki and the Flash and Shaun the Sheep opened in theaters. Let's take a look at this weekend's box office.

#1 Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation- $28,502,372

In its second week, Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation came in first place. This was the major upset of the weekend, as Rogue Nation took the top of the box office, causing Fantastic Four to flop. It just proves to show that good word-of-mouth trumps bad word-of-mouth. And ultimately, I'm glad Rogue Nation took first place. It's a really good movie that deserves to make money. I hope the box office numbers shows Paramount that we want more and more Mission: Impossible movies, and we don't want to have to wait four or five years in between each film. Get on this so we don't have a sixty year old Tom Cruise jumping out of airplanes. You can read our review of Rogue Nation here

#2 Fantastic Four- $25,685,737

On its opening weekend, Fantastic Four came in second place. Look, the biggest story of the past couple days has been the failure of this film, and how everything that happened behind the scenes is beginning to unravel. You can read my comprehensive look at this developing story here. But there was still a chance that, despite critics utterly hating the film, that fans would still go out to see it. I believe it was projected to make around $45-50 million dollars opening weekend, and it made only half of that. This is truly a box office failure for Fox. Now the question of whether Fox will try to sell the rights back to Marvel becomes even more of a viable option. I think by the end of Fantastic Four's theatrical run, and we see the final (domestic and international) numbers, we'll see what the future for the franchise will ultimately be. 

#3 The Gift- $11,854,273

On its opening weekend, The Gift came in third place. I think the biggest surprise, other than the failure of Fantastic Four, of this weekend's box office was how well The Gift did. The movie had a $5 million dollar budget, and it made over double that this weekend. It's a smaller film, and I am really happy for its success. It deserves every cent it makes. It makes you feel good when a blockbuster film that is poor loses money and a smaller film that's fantastic makes money. I get angry when good movies make little money and bad movies make a lot of money, but this weekend proved to be the opposite. You can read our review for The Gift here

#4 Vacation- $8,955,246

In its second week, Vacation came in fourth place. With a combination of poor critical reviews and disappointment from fans, its no wonder the film is drastically falling off the top 5 list. A film that could have made a lot of money, it has only made $37 million in two weeks. This weekend is a real testament to good movies making good money and bad movies making little money. Vacation is making less and less money. I hope this is a lesson to Hollywood studios that we're sick of terrible, cliched comedies. Of course, they're planning to do another five just like that as I'm writing this sentence. But oh well.

#5 Ant-Man- $7,911,445

In its fourth week, Ant-Man came in fifth place. I don't think anyone expected this movie to make the numbers its doing. It has made close to $150 million domestically, and $326 million worldwide. It will probably cross $400 million by the end of its run. For a movie with a title like "Ant-Man" to do this well, it's incredible. This shows how much of a success Marvel really is, that they can take this obscure and (mostly) unknown franchise and have it be such a success. Marvel is the king right now, and I think it's going to be a while until we see their first (financial) flop. You can read our review for the film here

To re-cap, #1 was Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation, #2 was Fantastic Four, #3 was The Gift, #4 was Vacation and #5 was Ant-Man

Next week, Straight Outta Compton and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. open in theaters. I think Compton will be number one, Rogue Nation will be second, U.N.C.L.E. will be third, Fantastic Four will be fourth and The Gift will be fifth. 

What do you think of this weekend's box office? What will be number one next weekend? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate 
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