Weekly Box Office Round-Up: Spectre Would Like the Box Office Shaken, Not Stirred

This weekend, Spectre and The Peanuts Movie opened in theaters. Let's take a look at this past weekend's box office. 

#1 Spectre- $73,000,000

In its opening weekend, Spectre came in first place. The film burst out of the gate, making close to $300 million in its opening weekend. The numbers look really promising for this movie, and I think it will crack $1 billion, similar to its predecessor Skyfall. However, I did expect its opening weekend domestic numbers to be higher. I was think more along the lines of $100 million. Skyfall made $88 million in its opening weekend, so I'm sure the studio is upset that Spectre didn't come closer to those numbers. But still, $300 million worldwide is something to celebrate. And like I said, I'm sure Spectre will cross $1 billion worldwide in the end. You can read my review for the film here, as well as my review for Casino Royale and Skyfall here.

#2 The Peanuts Movie- $45,000,000

In its opening weekend, The Peanuts Movie came in second place. For such a beloved franchise as Charlie Brown is, I'm surprised that Peanuts didn't make more. I was expecting closer to $60-70 million. But still, $45 million is a respectable number. I have been hearing fantastic things about this movie, and it is definitely one I want to check out when it comes out on VOD. But I think this movie will have a lot of success in its future. Animated kids movies do make a lot of money. Just look at the last one, Hotel Transylvania 2. But it also has the brand name of Peanuts behind it, and in the long run, I think this movie will end up doing very well for itself. 

#3 The Martian- $9,300,000

In its sixth week, The Martian came in third place. After six weeks, The Martian has finally dropped out of the top two. This film has been having an incredible run. So far, it has made over $450 million worldwide, which I don't think anyone really expected from this film.We all hoped it would do well, but I don't think anyone predicted it would be in the top 2 for five weeks, and still be going strong in its sixth week. People are wanting to see this movie over and over again, and I am glad for The Martian's success. It was an excellent movie, one of my favorites of the year, and I am happy for its success. You can read my review of the film here.

#4 Goosebumps- $6,965,000

In its fourth week, Goosebumps came in fourth place. I have been concerned as to whether this movie will break even. It had a budget of $58 million, and though it's been in the top 5 all these weeks, it has still had quite a mountain to climb. At this point, Goosebumps has made $92 million, which isn't enough to make back its marketing expenses. Looking at the numbers now, I do think Goosebumps will break even. It looks to be close to doing so. But I don't think it will make much money for the studio at all. They'll be lucky if the movie does end up breaking even. So don't expect a Goosebumps 2 anytime soon. 

#5 Bridge of Spies- $6,086,000

In its fifth week, Bridge of Spies came in fifth place. The Cold War film has been in a similar position as Goosebumps: while being in the top 5 for several weeks, its ability to break even has been uncertain. At this point, Bridge of Spies has grossed $71 million on a $40 million dollar budget. It still has more to make, but I don't think much more. Bridge of Spies seems to be in a better position than Goosebumps, as the former didn't have as extensive a marketing campaign as the latter. I hope Bridge of Spies does break even, as I have heard good things about it, and I would like it to succeed.

To re-cap, #1 was Spectre, #2 was The Peanuts Movie, #3 was The Martian, #4 was Goosebumps and #5 was Bridge of SpiesNext week, By the Sea and Man Up open in theaters. I think next week's top 5 will be the exact same as this week's top 5. What do you think of this past weekend's box office? What will be number one next week? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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