First Trailer for Manifesto

It seems to be every great actor's desire to star in a movie where they play multiple characters. This year will see James McAvoy join the ranks in M. Night Shyamalan's latest effort, Split. Leonardo DiCaprio plans to do a film where he will play over 25 different personalities. And with Manifesto, Cate Blanchett will take on thirteen different characters in Manifesto. The film is not like traditional movies. It features thirteen monologues by Blanchett as different characters, edited together into a movie. It filmed back in 2014, had its premiere in 2015, and has been showing at different arthouse theaters ever since, and will now make its official U.S. debut early this year. Normally, one would be concerned about a movie that was made three years prior its release, but considering it's such a small movie, and it premiered right after it was completed, I have no worries. Before the trailer, I had heard a film was coming out where Blanchett played thirteen different characters, but I didn't know any of the history behind the film, or its non-traditional format. I was excited to see what this movie would look like, and how Blanchett would fare taking on this actor's challenge.

The trailer is suitable for what it needs to do. It shows us a bunch of Blanchett's characters, and some of the artistic visuals of the film. I don't know how wide its release will be in the United States. I'm assuming it will show in a few theaters, and will end up on VOD shortly after, but I definitely want to see it if I have the chance. Blanchett is such a brilliant actress. Even though she has won two Oscars, I still feel like people underestimate her. She is a powerhouse performer, and given the creative freedom of an arthouse indie, and the challenge of performing monologues as multiple characters, I think she can turn in (thirteen) fantastic performances. However, I'm not sure exactly how the movie will hold up as a film. I'm sure Blanchett will be brilliant, but I don't know if this will work entirely as a film. It's definitely experimental, and I admire what it's trying to do, but I have a feeling the film will be far too dependent on Blanchett's performance, and won't be a competent film without it. Regardless, I'm very interested to check it out, if it actually is playing anywhere near me.

What do you think? Did you like the trailer for Manifesto? Are you interested in seeing the film? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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