Director Doug Liman Exits Justice League Dark

While DC has been trying to set up their cinematic universe with movies like Wonder Woman, Justice League, and The Flash, there has also been development with some other properties. Aside from their universe is the Justice League Dark film, which sees different supernatural characters such as Constantine, Deadman, and Zatanna team up. The movie has been in production for a while. Guillermo del Toro was attached for a long time to direct, but had to drop out due to his ever expanding list of future projects. After bouncing around a bunch of different directors, it ultimately landed with Doug Liman, and has been with him for some time now. Liman even made recent comments about how he wanted it to be a smaller film, and to ultimately be a character-driven story. This made it all the more puzzling when Liman suddenly up and left the project the other day. 

According to Variety, Liman has left Justice Leauge Dark due to scheduling conflicts involving his new film Chaos Walking, and DC's interest in getting the movie done sooner rather than later. It is also being reported that It director, Andrés Muschietti, is in negotiations to helm the film. While I am disappointed that we won't see Liman's vision for Justice League Dark, it makes sense why he had to leave. He also recently announced that he would be directing the Edge of Tomorrow sequel, Live Die Repeat and Repeat (which you can read more about here), and I would ultimately rather see Liman do that movie than Justice League Dark. So Liman's schedule is filling up rather quickly. As for Muschietti potentially taking over, I'll have to see It first. If it's great, then I would definitely be on board for him doing this film, especially with It's horror elements. But if It is a letdown, then I'd rather see someone else take on the movie. I'm happy to see that DC is making Justice League Dark a priority... but they've said that about all 25 or so of their movies in development, and so far the only one that is really in active production right now is Aquaman. We might not see a Justice League Dark movie until somewhere around 2025! So there's really no way to know exactly when this movie will actually come out, even though they're saying they're trying to fast track it. So, while I'm ultimately sad that we won't see a Doug Liman version of Justice League Dark, I understand why he and DC had to part ways. 

What do you think? Are you sad that Doug Liman has left Justice Leauge Dark? Would you be interested in seeing Andrés Muschietti take over? Are you looking forward to seeing the film? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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