2017 Fall Movie Preview- Part Two

Well, the summer is officially over. We've had some great films (Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Baby Driver). And we've also had some major disappointments (The Mummy, Transformers: The Last Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales). I would say the good outweighed the bad, but that is certainly up for debate. But now we're transitioning from the summer and into the fall. Here, we'll be getting a healthy mix of blockbusters (Thor: Ragnarok) and Oscar movies (The Papers). Until I put this list together, I didn't realize just how many promising movies were coming out in the next four months. Now, there are also some sh*tty looking movies, and I'll tell you which ones I think you should avoid. But with this two part installment, we'll be looking at all the major movies coming out in September, October, November, and December. We'll figure out which ones to see, which ones to avoid, which ones could be Oscar contenders, and which ones may just fall short of the nomination. Like I said, this is a pretty hefty list of upcoming movies, so let's jump right into it!

This is Part Two, covering November and December. You can read Part One (September, October) here.


Thor: Ragnarok- November 3rd

It's hard not to say that Thor: Ragnarok is my most anticipated of November. I haven't been the biggest fan of the past two Thor movies, but something about this third one has always stood out to me. Cate Blanchett as the villain is absolute genius. I love that we're seeing Mark Ruffalo return as the Hulk, with shades of the Planet Hulk comic book storyline thrown in there. And the first trailer we got, with "Immigrant Song" playing, was fantastic. Still the best trailer of the year, by far! It was just incredible! Now, the follow-up trailer we got at San Diego Comic Con was really good, but it wasn't nearly as good as that first trailer. I am incredibly excited for this movie, and I think it has a solid chance at being the best comic book movie of 2017. November is really a stacked month, so it is hard to say that it is definitively my most anticipated of the month, but I would say it's certainly up there. I have very little doubt that it will be incredible, and I can't wait to see it!

A Bad Moms Christmas- November 3rd

I was not a big fan of Bad Moms last year. I liked the concept; I just found to movie itself to be a bit lazy. I didn't find it all that funny, and it just misfired for me personally. However, it was incredibly successful at the box office, and so we're getting another one this year, A Bad Moms Christmas. However, the trailer that came out was more of the same. I have a feeling that if you loved the first one, then you'll love this one too. If you didn't like the first one, then this one won't be for you either. You can watch the trailer here. I would think that there's a chance this one could be really good, but the turn-around time was incredibly short. They wrote, cast, filmed, and edited it all in a year. Especially with comedies, I don't trust movies with that quick a turn-around time. Comedies need time to organically come together, or else the humor itself feels forced. So I'm afraid that's what A Bad Moms Christmas will end up being. But who knows? This could end up being the surprise comedy of the year, and could blow us all away. 

Last Flag Flying- November 3rd

The first trailer dropped for Last Flag Flying just about a week ago, and it looks remarkable. Getting to see Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell, and Laurence Fishburne together in one movie is a real treat. Especially with the old friends reunited dynamic they have going. Richard Linklater is one of these directors who doesn't get a ton of attention for being the great director that he is, but he always turns in excellent movies. So getting to see Cranston, Carell, and Fisburne all together, in a Linklater movie, is going to be phenomenal. The story also sounds interesting, and seems to be a new take on that old friend reuniting story we've seen countless times before. I don't think this will necessarily be an Oscar contender. With the cast it has, it's certainly possible we could be talking about some performance nominations. But I think Last Flag Flying will end up being a great little film that comes out, but doesn't necessarily garner any Oscar buzz.

Daddy's Home 2- November 10th

Here comes the front runner for Best Picture, Daddy's Home 2. In all seriousness, I'm actually mildly excited for this one. The first Daddy's Home was fine. It wasn't revolutionary, but it had enough laughs to keep me entertained. And so I wasn't necessarily jumping up and down to see a sequel, but my tune changed drastically when I saw the trailer. The additions of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow seem to be genius, especially the latter. I've seen this trailer so many times in the theaters, and I still crack up whenever we're introduced to Lithgow's character. You can see the trailer for yourself here. If the whole movie lives up to the promise of that trailer, then I think we'll be in for a real treat. But this movie could just as easily fall completely flat. So I'm optimistic for Daddy's Home 2, but I'm trying to be realistic about my expectations. 

Murder on the Orient Express- November 10th

Murder on the Orient Express is a film I'm very curious about. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily excited for it, but I'm definitely curious in seeing it. It has an absolutely stacked cast, including Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Josh Gad, and director Kenneth Branagh. And I do have to say I really enjoyed the trailer. It was stylized and colorful, and it felt like the right kind of absurd. I especially like the tracking shot where each of the characters is labeled. You can watch the trailer here. This movie would never make a most anticipated list or anything like that, but the cast is strong enough, the director is talented enough, and the trailer was good enough for me to go and see it. I hope it is actually worthwhile, and not just a throwaway movie. 

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri- November 10th

I saw the trailer for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri a little while back, and it looked really good. What especially caught my eye was the lead performance by Frances McDormand. She looks absolutely phenomenal in this film. She has such a great mix of dislikability, charisma, and dark comedy that I think she'll easily be the highlight of the movie. I also really bought into the premise, and what the billboards were standing for. I don't know if this will end up being a big film or not. It could be one that slips through the cracks and people forget all about. But from the looks of the trailers, it seems like it could be a really hard-hitting movie, and a potential Oscar nomination for McDormand. 

Justice League- November 17th

With everything that's happened behind the scenes on Justice League, I honestly have no idea how it's going to turn out. I think it'll be a coin toss. The trailers and marketing have been great. But, then again, so were the trailers and marketing for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, and look at how those turned out. Yes, Wonder Woman was great, but one hit is not enough to guarantee Justice League will be awesome. Look, I want it to be fantastic. I want to be blown away by it. But DC's track record has not been consistent enough for me to be confident that this one will turn out to be great. I'm praying to every god imaginable that Justice League is incredible, but it could just as easily be a terrible mess of a film. So we'll really have to wait and see how it turns out. 

Wonder- November 17th

What really interests me about Wonder is Jacob Tremblay. Ever since I saw him in Room, I have had my eye on him as an actor. Now, he hasn't since turned in a performance quite like his in Room, but if any film has the potential to match it, it's this one. I don't think the movie itself will be nearly as good as Room was, because that film was simply breathtaking, but I think Tremblay's performance here has the potential to match Room's. What worries me about Wonder is that I'm afraid it will feel too much like a Lifetime movie. It will be light and fluffy, but it won't actually get into any of the deep, emotional core this movie should have. I think Tremblay certainly has the ability to take it to the place I think this movie should go, but I'm just not sure if the filmmakers will necessarily go in that direction. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out. 

Coco- November 22nd

This is the first original Pixar movie that I haven't had any interest in seeing. Their sequels have been questionable, but when it comes to their original films, Pixar has always hit it out of the park. Inside Out is proof that Pixar's glory days aren't behind them. But I just don't give a sh*t about Coco. It doesn't have the same appeal or creativity as their other films. The trailers haven't been overly striking. Coco could come out and be the best animated film of the year (and that's still The Lego Batman Movie by far). But right now I'm looking at this movie and seeing no buzz and no real appeal. I hope it surprises us, but this looks as if it could be a dud on Pixar's part, which is incredibly unfortunate. Something could come out in the next few weeks that will drastically change my mind. But, right now, I don't have any real desire or interest in seeing Coco.

Darkest Hour- November 22nd

My first exposure to Darkest Hour was an image of Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill that made the rounds online, because no one believed it was actually Oldman. He was absolutely unrecognizable. It was after that picture that I became really excited for Darkest Hour. When the trailer dropped, I was eager to see it. Oldman looked phenomenal in it. I think he's making a big push to be a major contender for Best Lead Actor this year, and rightfully so. However, I'm not sure the movie itself will be equally as phenomenal. I think Darkest Hour will end up being one of these films that is a good movie, but has an excellent performance that really steals the show. I'm not sure we'll be talking about a Best Picture nomination for Darkest Hour, but I am sure we will be talking about Gary Oldman for the entirety of the Oscar Season. 

Molly's Game- November 22nd

What intrigues me the most about Molly's Game is that it's the directorial debut of Aaron Sorkin. He is undoubtedly one of my favorite writers working today. He is simply a genius, and I love his movies. So now to see him transition into being a writer/director is fascinating. The film also has a great line-up, including Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, and Michael Cera. I am also a big fan of Poker, so movies about the game always interest me. I have no doubt this will be good; that's how much faith I have in Sorkin. The question is how good will it actually end up being? It could simply be good, and that's that. It also has the potential to be excellent, and to be an Oscar contender. I'm not positive where it'll fall on that scale, but I'm excited to see it nonetheless. 

Call Me by Your Name- November 24th

Call Me by Your Name is getting a lot of Oscar buzz, and I think it does have potential to be a contender. Armie Hammer really broke out onto the scene with The Social Network, and has since become one of these actors that is respected but never exactly got huge roles. He's been rumored to be in a number of comic book movies, and was even cast as Batman for George Miller's Justice League film, before it was ultimately scrapped. But it looks like Hammer could be in the running for an Oscar with Call Me by Your Name. I found the trailer to be intriguing, but there was nothing in there to get me excited, other than the fact that everyone is raving about it. I wish I got a better sense of the story from the trailer, but hopefully it's for the better that I go into this film not knowing a ton about it. So most of my excitement for this movie is coming from the fact that I know other people love it, rather than genuine interest in the movie itself, but I'm really hoping I end up loving it.


The Disaster Artist- December 1st

This may be my most anticipated film of December. Yes, perhaps even more so than Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. There is so much promise and potential behind this movie. It has an all-star cast, telling a story that I'm dying to see. The first trailer was genius in hooking the audience, which you can see here. I've seen The Room, and it's f*cking awful. But there's so much backstory on what happened behind the scenes, and its journey to being made, that I don't know about and can't wait to see on screen. The Disaster Artist has been making the rounds at film festivals, and has been garnering a ton of buzz. I think this will be a big Oscar contender. I think we could be talking about writing nominations, Best Picture nomination, and perhaps even a nomination for James Franco. This movie is going to be huge, and I cannot wait to see it! 

All the Money in the World- December 8th

You thought Ridley Scott was done making movies this year after Alien: Covenant? Well, you'd be wrong, because he has another movie coming out called All the Money in the World! I don't think a single person knew this movie was coming out. And that's surprising, considering the talent behind it. Not only is Scott directing, but it stars Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Spacey, Michelle Williams, and Olivia Grant. Scott has been more miss than hit lately. Yes, The Martian was great and ended up having a big presence at the Academy Awards, but his other films have not done well. Including Covenant for me. I was incredibly disappointed by that movie, and Scott lost a lot of good graces he had earned with The Martian. So it has a director who is questionable, and it does feel like they were trying to bury this movie. This seems like the kind of film that would be paraded around as the next big Oscar contender. So I think it may be telling of the studio's confidence in the film that virtually no one has heard of All the Money in the World. Hopefully I'm wrong. 

The Shape of Water- December 8th

This will really be the year of unconventional Oscar nominees, because I think Guillermo del Toro's monster romance film, The Shape of Water, could very well be a big contender. I saw the trailer late, but this movie looks phenomenal. It looks like del Toro is returning to his Pan's Labyrinth roots, and will be telling a twisted yet endearing story. I think The Shape of Water joins The Disaster Artist in being my most anticipated of December. Again, yes, before Star Wars. That may sound sacrilegious to film fans, but it's honestly how I feel. Early reviews have come out for the film, and they're saying it's nothing short of fantastic. Del Toro hasn't made an incredible film in a while. I really liked his last outing, Crimson Peak, but not everyone was a fan of it. So it's great to see him returning to the center fold with The Shape of Water. I cannot wait to see this, and I am certainly rooting for it to be an incredible, unconventional Oscar contender. 

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi- December 15th

For most people, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is not just their most anticipated of December, or of the Fall, but of the entire year. I can't exactly blame someone for feeling that way. I am very much looking forward to seeing The Last Jedi, though I have to admit I'm just a little more excited for movies like The Disaster Artist and The Shape of Water. I've always said that I am a Star Wars fan, but not a blind one. I'm not one of these people who are instantly excited for a Star Wars movie regardless of what it is. That being said, I am excited to see the next chapter in this new trilogy. I think Rian Johnson is a fantastic filmmaker, and I think his involvement is going to really bring something special out of this film. I will be a lot more excited for the movie as we get closer to its release, but right now I'd say there are a few other movies that overtake it in terms of hype and anticipation.  

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle- December 20th

For the longest time, I thought the idea of doing a new Jumanji movie was absolutely stupid. That is, until I saw the trailer. I was so surprised by how funny, how exhilarating, and just how good that trailer was! I still can't believe I walked away from that trailer as excited for the move as I am. You can see the trailer for yourself here. Though I wasn't a big fan of Central Intelligence, I am excited to see Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart back on screen together. I think the inclusion of Jack Black (and making him actually a teenage girl) is genius. I'm also interested to see Karen Gillian in a movie outside of Guardians of the Galaxy. I've found her to be the weakest part of those films, so I'm interested to see if she can blossom outside of that franchise. So, overall, I'm surprised to say that I can't wait to see Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Downsizing- December 22nd

Downsizing comes from Alexander Payne, starring Matt Damon, Jason Sudeikis, Christoph Waltz, Neil Patrick Harris, Laura Dern, and Kristen Wiig. Another stacked cast! I don't know much about this movie other than its incredible cast, and that it is a science fiction social satire. Just those genres meshed together sounds fascinating. I have not seen Payne's other films, but I know they are very highly revered. So it gives me little doubt that Downsizing will be excellent. And with a cast like that, how can you not be excited? I am going to wait to see a trailer. It's hard to envision what this movie will be like, and hopefully a trailer will alleviate any concerns I may have. But regardless, I am excited to see Downsizing. I'm not sure if this will exactly be an Oscar contender, perhaps for Best Picture, but I'm sure it'll end up being one this Fall that you don't want to miss. 

The Papers- December 22nd

Here's where I think we have a giant Oscar contender. You have Steven Spielberg tackling a political biopic with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep in leading roles. You might as well just send them all their Oscars right now. I wasn't a big fan of Spielberg and Hanks' last collaboration, Bridge of Spies. I thought it missed the mark on being a compelling spy drama. And yet, it garnered a lot of Oscar nominations. So I do have a few hesitations that, if Bridge of Spies didn't work for me, then I won't exactly love The Papers. But there is something about this that makes me think it'll be nothing short of brilliant. You have two of the best actors of all time in Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep working with arguably the best director to ever walk the Earth in Steven Spielberg. I have nothing but high hopes for The Papers, and I think it will be leading the charge come Oscar season. 

Bright- December 22nd

Bright is a big new sci fi/fantasy buddy cop film from Netflix, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, and directed by Suicide Squad's David Ayer. I have no real interest in seeing this movie. I have not been impressed with Netflix's original movies thus far. They have all either been underwhelming or just plain bad. And Ayer is already not on my good side. Yes, he's done some very good movies with End of Watch and Fury, but he also did the horrendous Sabotage. And don't get me started on f*cking Suicide Squad. I absolutely hated that movie. So there isn't a ton in Bright that I'm actually interested in. This could be good, but I doubt it. I think this will be another Netflix stinker, and that it'll be completely forgotten about as soon as it comes out. Hopefully I'm wrong, but it's not my choice movie to see this Holiday season. 

The Current War- December 22nd

I hadn't heard of this movie before I was researching Fall films to put this on this list. But The Current War is one not to overlook. The film focuses on race between electricity titans Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon). While the story sounds interesting, what's pulling me in is the cast. In addition to Cumberbatch and Shannon, the film includes Katherine Waterston, Nicholas Hoult, and Tom Holland. That is an impressive line-up. This is also coming from Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, the director of one of my favorite films of 2015, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Overall, this is a very impressive package, and I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before. I hope it will be an Oscar contender, but I'm not exactly sure right now. I am very excited to check out The Current War when it hits theaters. 

The Greatest Showman- December 25th

Hugh Jackman has been trying to get this P.T. Barnum film made for years, and it's finally coming out this year. Jackman turned in probably the best performance of his career so far earlier this year with Logan, so I will see anything the man is in. The movie also co-stars Zac Efron, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, and Michelle Williams. When the trailer hit, I didn't instantly love it. I think the movie looks like it's going to be really good, but I wasn't necessarily blown away by the trailer. You can watch it here. I don't think this will be an Oscar contender at all. I think it will capitalize on being a family friendly movie opening during the Christmas season, but I don't think its December release date will mean anything for its Oscar potential. But, this could end up being the next Les Misérables, so who exactly knows. We'll have to wait and find out. 

Phantom Thread- December 25th

Daniel Day-Lewis announced a few weeks back that he would be retiring from acting, with Phantom Thread being his last film. Before we knew this would be his last movie, I already thought Day-Lewis would be the front runner to win Best Lead Actor. But now I know he certainly will, with this being his last film. Day-Lewis is going to crush this, and will most likely take home the Oscar. I barely know what this movie is about, and I can already tell you that. Last time director Paul Thomas Anderson collaborated with Day-Lewis, it was There Will be Blood. Day-Lewis' performance in that movie has been said to be one of the best of this century, so we should certainly take this movie seriously, in terms of the Oscars. It will be sad to see Day-Lewis on screen for the final time, but I think we will be hearing his name come up a lot during Oscar season. 

What do you think? What movies in November and December are you looking forward to? Which ones are you planning on avoiding? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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