Top 5 Favorite Moments From: The Room

This is the fourteenth installment of this editorial series, where I basically take a movie and pick my personal five favorite scenes from that movie. I'll talk about and analyse these scenes, dissecting them to figure out what exactly makes them so great and why they work so well in the context of the film. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in hype behind movies-- are the characters developed enough, how was the score, how does it fit into the larger universe-- that we forget to appreciate smaller things, such as an individual scene that can strike you in a certain way. After I've said my piece, please feel free to go into the comments section and say why you either agree or disagree with me. So after  seeing The Disaster Artist (you can read our review here), and with it getting a wide release for one day on January 10th, I thought I'd talk about The Room. The film is infamously known as being the "Citizen Kane of bad movies". It is so much fun to watch, and trust me, there are plenty of great moments to talk about. Caution, there will be spoilers

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#5 "Oh Hi, Doggy!"

Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) stops by a flower shop to pick up "a dozen red roses" for his girlfriend, Lisa (Juliette Danielle). He's clearly been in that shop many times, as the woman behind the counter knows his name, but she doesn't know it's him at first. After a cringe-worthy back-and-forth, Johnny grabs his flowers and, as he heads out the door, he sees a nearby dog and pets its head, saying "Oh hi doggy." This moment wasn't scripted. Wiseau found the flower shop last minute, and wrote the scene after the production had already finished. The woman behind the counter is the the actual owner of the store. She happened to have her dog there that day, and during that particular take Wiseau noticed it for the first time and said hello while filming. The Room is full of these strange and eccentric moments that don't make any sense; you just have to roll with it. And these really mind-boggling weird moments are what makes The Room so fucking funny, quotable, and entertaining. No one watches this movie because it's good; they watch it because it is compellingly bad. I watched the movie for the first time this past summer, and I have seen it five times since. You're drawn to it for some unspeakable reason, and that is why it has such a massive cult following. 

#4 "I'm Tired! I'm Wasted! I Love You, Darling!"

Lisa tricks Johnny into drinking, as a way to convince the people around her that Johnny is abusive and she should leave him for her lover Mark (Greg Sestero). Even though Lisa could simply tell people that Johnny is drinking without having to actually get him drunk, she proceeds to trick him. When Johnny and Lisa begin drinking, it's hilarious. She's wearing his tie around her head like a bandanna, alcohol starts running down Johnny's chin like it's fucking Niagara Falls, and when he drops his glass it is accompanied by the funniest, most over-the-top shattering sound effect you could possibly find. "I'm tired! I'm wasted! I love you, darling!" leads them into their second sex scene. However, Wiseau only filmed one sex scene with Danielle, so he reused footage from the first one to create another sex scene. While some of it wasn't used in the first one, there are direct shots that are replayed, and they're pretty memorable ones too. And the whole point of Lisa actually getting Johnny drunk so she can tell her mother about it is made null and void when she lies about Johnny beating her as well! Most of the scenes in the film actually have no relation to the plot (if you can call it that), but they are just so entertaining and fun to watch that you simply have to go along with it. 

#3 "Stop Ganging Up On Me!"

In a truly bizarre scene that really has nothing to do with the movie, Denny (Philip Haldiman) is confronted by the drug dealer known as Chris-R (Dan Janjigian). Denny says he can produce the money he owes in five minutes, but Chris-R doesn't have "five fucking minutes!" and pulls a gun on Denny. Johnny and Mark rush to the rescue, tackling Chris-R. Lisa and Claudette (Carloyn Minnot) proceed to interrogate Denny about what kind of drugs he is taking. Within this scene, some of the film's greatest lines are produced, mainly "You're not my fucking mother!" and "Stop ganging up on me!" Everything from Denny's blubbering, to his awful line delivery, to the fact that half of Lisa's face is out of frame makes this scene truly one of the funniest in The Room. It's hilarious watching just how upset Lisa and Claudette get over Denny's drug use. There are overreactions, and then there's Lisa and Claudette's reaction. On the flip side, Janjigian probably gives the best performance of the whole movie, despite his being on screen for only a few fleeting seconds. He is ruthless and chilling, even though it's ridiculous that Chris-R is getting this upset over having to wait five minutes, and that his name is even hyphenated in the first place. This whole scene is truly the perfect package of awfulness. 

#2 "You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!"

Just after Lisa confides in Michelle (Robyn Paris) that she is cheating on Johnny with his best friend, Johnny comes home. For whatever reason, the camera is up high, as if it were security camera footage. After about thirty seconds of this, the camera returns to being at a regular level. Evident in the background, of course, are the framed pictures of spoons. Don't ask why, just roll with it. Johnny is furious that Lisa is spreading lies that he hits her, and Lisa is saying something she says a lot in the movie,"I don't want to talk about it." Johnny then puts all his cards on the table, screaming "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!" It's a line stolen from Rebel Without a Cause. Wiseau is a huge James Dean fan, and tried to pay tribute to him by using the line. However, in the script, it was written wrong as "You are taking me apart, Lisa!", and he refused to listen to the crew members and actors when they tried to tell him the line was written wrong. Luckily (I guess), Wiseau said the line correctly when he did the scene, thus giving us one of the most memorable parts of The Room

Honorable Mentions:

"Anyways, How's Your Sex Life?": While grabbing lunch, Tommy and Mark are having an ordinary conversation when Tommy asks out of nowhere how Mark's sex life is. Wiseau delivers the line in such a deadpan and matter-of-fact manner that it heightens just how awkward of a line it is, and how simply strange the entire conversation is. 

"Cheeeep Cheeeep!": Anytime a character is perceived as being cowardly, Tommy (sometimes joined by other characters) will mimic a chicken and yell "cheeeep cheeeep!". It's just another strange part of The Room that you have to accept, and end up loving because of just how ludicrous it is.

"I Definitely Have Breast Cancer.": Claudette informs her daughter that the tests have come back, and she definitely has breast cancer. However, this very critical piece of information is never mentioned again, and bares no significance on the plot whatsoever. 

"I'm Fed Up With This World!": After getting into not one but two fights with Mark within a three minute timespan, Tommy decides he is fed up. He trashes his house, dry humps his girlfriend's dress, and ends up killing himself with a gun that comes out of nowhere. Truly a Shakespearean death. 

"We'll See About That.": After clearly overhearing Lisa and Mark talking about their affair, Tommy decides he needs to record them so that he has proof of something he already knows. After we hear them discussing their affair, Tommy "catches them", and plays back the tape (even though the conversation we hear this second time is different than the one we heard just a minute beforehand).

#1 "Oh Hi, Mark!"

This is clearly the most famous, most quoted, most infamous part of The Room. After finding out Lisa is spreading lies that he hits her, Johnny comes out onto the roof delivering an unforgettable monologue: "I did not hit her. It's not true. It's bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not! Oh hi Mark." What really sells this scene is just how flat Wiseau's delivery is. This stems from the fact that Wiseau struggled with memorizing the lines, recording the take over and over and over again. It took over an hour to get this take, and at that point no one cared about how Wiseau delivered the line; they were just glad to have it in the can. Since then, these six sentences have come to define The Room. Even if someone doesn't know about the movie, they've most likely seen, heard of, or have seen a reference to this scene. It is emblematic of everything that went wrong with The Room in order to make it the greatest bad movie ever put to screen. So how could this not be the number one greatest moment from The Room?

What do you think? What are some of your favorite moments from The Room? Will you be seeing it when it is back in theaters on January 10th? What film should we cover next in this editorial series? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nathanael Moln├ír
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