Announcing the NEW Movie Paradise

I have to preface this by saying that what I am going to announce is ultimately very good news, and I am incredibly excited by the prospects of the future of The Movie Paradise. However, this is very hard for me to write, as it is the end of an era of my life that has been so transformative and important to me for many years. I am writing now to announce the end of, as I will be moving over to YouTube full time. In the past, I have tried to maintain my written site while also venturing into YouTube. However, I now realize that the next step for me to take as a film pundit is to move to YouTube full time. It has not been an easy decision to make, as it would mean leaving behind all the work I have done on, and I haven't been ready to completely give that up. Well, now I am. I am at a point now where I feel comfortable leaving behind my blog to start something new. 

I began The Movie Paradise in 2014, and I celebrated my four year anniversary this past May (you can read that here). Working on this site has opened up so many incredible opportunities for me, and has allowed me to meet and interview some unbelievably talented people, including Iris Goes West writer/director Matt Spicer (you can read that here), Atomic Blonde graphic novel writer Antony Johnston (read that here), and Tragedy Girls producer Tara Ansley and writer/director Tyler MacIntyre (read that here). I have also been humbled to talk to some brilliant independent filmmakers, like Matt Tory, the writer/director/star of We Make Movies (read that here). While I have certainly enjoyed creating new editorial series and writing reviews, my greatest honor while doing this site has been being able to talk to these people about the incredible work they have done. These interviews will remain the highlight of my time working on 

While it saddens me to write this, I am overjoyed by what is to come. A lot of what I have been doing for the past four years will be transferred to YouTube, especially my editorial series, like Nerd Round-Up, Top Five Favorite Moments From, In Preparation For, How I Rank, etc. I will still do all of those and more, just now on YouTube. Rob Giachinta, who has been a long time special guest writer and frequent co-host on my previous YouTube outings, will be returning to help me with this new incarnation of The Movie Paradise, and I couldn't be happier about his addition. I am incredibly appreciative of my time with the written site. I cannot believe how much my writing has grown over these past four years, and I am indebted forever to the site for that growth. I have interacted with so many great fans and have met so many excellent film pundits through the site, and those are all things I will always appreciate and hope to take to the next level on YouTube. While I feel like I have pretty much exhausted my opportunities with the website, on YouTube I have everything ahead of me. So in this final post on, I want to thank those who have stuck with me and read my content over the past four years, and I hope to see you all on YouTube! You can check out our channel and subscribe here

Much love and thanks to everyone,

Nathanael Molnár
Former Chief Writer for