Edge of Tomorrow- SPOILER FREE review

Personally, I've had a roller coaster relationship with this film. When it first came out, I thought "Here we go again! Another terrible failure flop of a movie!" The trailers were weak and nothing got me interested in this film... until the reviews came out. Everyone was raving about how good the movie was! I was completely shocked and that was the sole reason I went. I only wanted to go because of the reviews. In fact, I went with three friends and both of them were going for the exact same reason.

Edge of Tomorrow focuses on Tom Cruise, who is thrown into a war against an alien race. He is all set and ready to fight (reluctantly) and dies within the first few minutes of battle. He wakes up and begins to relive the day all over again. He realizes that he is stuck in a time-loop where he is living the same day over and over again that resets whenever he dies. In order to stop it, he must find the alien's source of power and destroy it, enlisting the help of "full metal bitch" Emily Blunt

In retrospect, this movie is fun and exhilarating. The action is well done and is a great sci fi movie. Blunt is as great as ever and Cruise gives his best performance since Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. It's fun, it's funny, it's action packed and it's just a great time at the movies. I highly recommend seeing this movie.


Written by: Nate