Hercules SPOILER FREE Review

Hercules is a fun, action-packed summer blockbuster. I was originally hesitant about seeing the movie. I am not a particularly big fan of director Brett Ratner after how utterly horrendous X-Men: The Last Stand was and how it almost single-handedly killed the X-Men franchise. Yet, I am a fan of medieval movies, The Lord of the Rings being some of my favorite movies ever. I also really like Dwayne Johnson. So, I ended up seeing it, and I'm glad I did. Hercules lacked a decent story, which was expected, but the visuals and action-filled battle sequences made up for that. Plus, it fully utilized its 3D. There's nothing that makes me more frustrated when a movie is 3D just because they can. Hercules had me jumping in the my seat when arrows came flying at me as well as pieces of wood and Hercules's club.

The movie focuses on the titular character, who struggles from the death of his family as many believe he was their killer. Legends exist of him being the son of Zeus and his 12 labors. However, as the movie progresses, the true point of the movie is to state that the truth lies between fact and fiction. In the early part of the movie, we see Hercules take on a Hydra, a giant wart-hog and a lion all by himself with his bare hands. But by the end credits, we see the same scenes but with his group of fighters, his friends, helping him, which I thought was a really cool way to convey the meaning of the movie.

The cast felt a lot like Thor to me. Thor has his Warrior Three. In this, there was Hercules and his comrads. The similarities were intriguing. There were also a lot of similarities to The Lord of the Rings, with the comedic fighting sequences that made LOTR so awesome, as well as the cool kills. Hercules didn't fully use this as much as I was hoping they would, but there was some of it. If, for the sequel, they got Bryan Singer to direct just to undermine Brett Ratner, I think I would die from laughing, honestly.

Hercules is a mindless, fun, action movie. There's some dramatic elements to it but, though not fully developed, it does not take away from what the movie is.


Written by: Nate
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