Marvel Schedules Five New Release Dates

Marvel is ambitious. There's no doubt about that. Next month we will be getting Guardians of the Galaxy that will have a talking raccoon and a living tree. Next year we will be getting Ant-Man. But with the success of their films so far, they can afford to take chances and continue to dominate the world even further. Kevin Feige today confirmed five more release dates for movies. As of right now, this is the schedule here on out.

August 1st, 2014- Guardians of the Galaxy
May 1st, 2015- The Avengers: Age of Ultron
May 6th, 2016- Captain America 3
July 8th, 2016- (Doctor Strange?)
May 5th, 2017
July 28th, 2017
November 3rd, 2017
July 6th 2018
November 2nd, 2018
May 3rd, 2019- (Avengers 3?)

Feige has said that they were considering doing three movies a year and that's exactly what we're getting in 2017. Captain America 3 is already confirmed for the May 6th, 2016 date (currently going up against Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) and we know that we will be getting a Doctor Strange movie with writers and a director already set. The date is however not confirmed but most likely that July 8th 2016 date. At some point we will be getting a Thor 3 and depending upon their success, probably a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and an Ant-Man 2. Marvel has also been loosely considering doing another Hulk film with Mark Ruffalo, so that might or might not be in the mix. However, I doubt we will get all of those now. We know that Marvel wants to introduce some other new characters, perhaps Black Panther and Ms. Marvel, so my guess is that these dates will have a mix of sequels and new characters.

Do you like the schedule for Marvel? Is it too ambitious? With three Marvel films in 2017, will there be superhero fatigue? What movies do you want? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Written by: Nate
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