Weekly Box Office Round-Up: No Good Deed Does Good

Okay, I have to apologize. The title for this article is terrible but what the hell! This week, No Good Deed, The Drop and Dolphin Tale 2 opened. Let's take a look at this past week's box office.

#1 No Good Deed- $24,500,000

First place this week is No Good Deed, the home invasion movie led by Idris Elba. It finally dethroned Guardians of the Galaxy 4-week domination of the box office. However, it probably won't stay at the top of the box office much longer. With mediocre reviews and some bigger movies yet to come, it doesn't have much of a future. 

#2 Dolphin Tale 2- $16,550,000

I honestly thought that Dolphin Tale 2 would take top spot, but it was beaten by No Good Deed this week. The sequel of the beloved first film was expected to do decently at the box office, especially with the little children appeal. It will most likely have legs the next few weeks.

#3 Guardians of the Galaxy- $8,041,000

For the past four weeks, Guardians of the Galaxy (read our review here), has been number one at the box office. However, this week, it has been dethroned by No Good Deed and even pushed to third by Dolphin Tale 2. It's still the highest grossing movie domestically of the year, now pushing over $300 million. After a month and a half of being at the box office, Guardians is still going strong and I think it will stay strong for a little while longer.

#4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- $4,800,000

The other huge box office hit from August, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is in fourth place this week. For the past month and a half, it and Guardians have been fighting each other for the top spot with Guardians winning more often than not. However, now with a slew of new releases coming out, it looks as if Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is on its way out.

#5 Let's Be Cops- $4,300,000

The past few weeks, Let's Be Cops has been persistently staying on our top 5 list. However, as with some of the other past heroes of the box office, it'll be on its way out in the upcoming weeks due to all the fresh, new releases. However, it had a good run, making almost $73 million on a $17 million dollar budget.

The other new release of the week, The Drop (read our review here), came in sixth place with $4.2 million. To re-cap, #1 was No Good Deed, #2 was Dolphin Tale 2, #3 was Guardians of the Galaxy, #4 was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and #5 was Let's Be Cops. Next week, the young adult book adaptation The Maze Runner, the Liam Neeson action film A Walk Among the Tombstones and the Kevin Smith dark comedy Tusk open. I think The Maze Runner will be number one. 

What do you think of this week's box office results? What will be #1 next week? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Written by: Nate
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