Interstellar SPOILER FREE Review

I have a confession to make. I saw Interstellar opening night. But it's taken me over a week to process just how I felt about the movie. So here's the belated review for the film.

Interstellar is the latest film from Hollywood's hottest director (and my personal favorite) Christopher Nolan. He's been the mind behind The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Memento, The Prestige and others. The movie stars Matthew McConaughey, who is just coming off of his Oscar win for Dallas Buyers Club. The film also stars Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, John Lithgow and another A-list actor who is technically a spoiler. In my opinion, he really isn't but Nolan has tried to keep his involvement a secret so, out of respect, I won't reveal who he is. 

In a not-so-distant future, Earth has run out of food. Crops no longer grow and the end of humanity is evident. Cooper (McConaughey) must lead a team up into space and travel through a newly discovered worm hole to look for a new, habitable planet. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. The Nolan brothers worked carefully with Kip Thorne, who gave the movie its scientific and theoretical background. This movie is not for people who just want to leave their brains at the door. This is a movie that makes you think. While a lot of people complained about that, that is one thing that I love most about Nolan's films. He doesn't spoon-feed you his movies. And I think that element is most present in this film more than Inception, Memento or any of his other movies. 

It's visually spectacular. This is a movie that needs to be seen in IMAX. It has to. When they finally go up into space and you see it in its vast entirety, you'll be glad you spent those couple extra bucks. It is beautiful. And part of what makes it so beautiful is the fact that Nolan worked hard to make this as practical as possible, meaning he used no green screen. He built the set and projected images so that the actors had something to play off of when they looked out into space. And that really shows. There are, however, some parts where some CGI could have benefited. There are these shots where the ship connects to a machine in space and it honestly looked like a shot from Alien or Star Wars with the filmmakers taking models and filming them. That felt a bit cheap to me. 

While the visuals are spectacular, what actually happens on the planets didn't blow my mind. For a bit of the film, I was disappointed and a bit bored. But by the time the twist happened, my mind was completely blown. It really was. I will not say this is Nolan's best twist, but it is certainly a very good one. And it's not obvious until you look back and remember everything that led up to it. Those are the best twists.   

I will be writing a full on spoiler filled article about the movie, since it is hard to talk about it without spoiling parts of it. It had some flaws. Some parts were weaker than others. But it was entertaining, beautiful, ambitious and it brought up some really good and important things about where we are headed as a society. The performances were all great. The direction was spot on, as always with Nolan. I think it has a shot of getting an Oscar nomination for the screenplay, though I doubt it will get one for anything else. Maybe director, but I'm not sure.

Love it or hate it, you have to see this movie. It's one of those must-see films. And it takes a long time to process it. Like I said at the beginning of the article, it took me over a week to figure out what to actually say about this movie. Is it Nolan's best? No, but it is a really good film.


What do you think? Have you seen Interstellar? Did you like it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Written by: Nate
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