Ant-Man Trailer Analysis/Breakdown

The first trailer for Ant-Man was released just a few days ago (read that article here), and now we have our analysis/breakdown of the trailer, where we break down the trailer shot-by-shot and try to piece together what the film may have in store for us. So, without further adieu, let's get started.

So we see Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd), stopped by the police. This film has been described as a heist film, so maybe he was stealing the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym (played by Michael Douglas). Or maybe he just robbed a convenience store or something.

Pym says in the narration that he's been watching Lang, and we see it here. This looks like the secret bunker he has that we get a better look at later in the trailer. But as to why he's chosen Lang to be Ant-Man, we don't know yet.

Later in the trailer (and we already knew this), there's a prison fight between Lang and a few inmates. So this probably after, since he has the tape on his eye brow. We know Pym gets Lang out of jail, so the officers are probably escorting Lang out of the prison as opposed to into it.

The first still to come out of this movie was Lang standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge (see the picture here). In that picture he has the tape on his eye brow, so he probably gets out of prison and comes here. So is Pym's base near the bridge? Maybe underground?

This looks to be Pym talking to Lang, probably meeting for the first time in prison. So the potential timeline is that Pym has had his eye on Lang for a while. Lang goes to jail (perhaps for a crime related to Pym). He gets into a prison fight. Pym gets him out of jail. Lang leaves jail and goes to the Golden Gate Bridge.

This looks similar but different to Pym's bunker that we see more of in the trailer. However, between the color scheme and the technology, this looks as if it could be a flash back. We know that some parts of the film are in the past, as Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Howard Stark (John Slattery) will be in it, in flashbacks. So maybe this is a flashback to when Pym first built the Ant-Man suit. The only problem is that Pym's hair looks white. That could just be because of the lighting, though.

Here we get our first look at Lang's daughter. I didn't realize Lang had a daughter in the film, but I think it works, as it gives Lang real motivation to be a hero. This can also bring out a lot of the emotional side of the movie, and a potential victim of the villain, Darren Cross.

This is some sort of company. In later shots, it looks as if Darren Cross has his own company, so this could be his. Or maybe Pym has his own company? Or maybe it's Stark Industries. There's no way to be sure yet.

Here's a good look at Pym's bunker. This looks to be Lang's first time here. Perhaps when Pym catches Lang up to date and explains everything. There's a possibility that all of the narration is from this scene here.

An establishing shot of what looks to be Darren Cross's company. 

Our first look at Darren Cross (played by Corey Stoll). What other way is there to show he's a powerful man than to have him in a suit surrounded by dozens of people? 

Our first look at Hope van Dyne (played by Evangeline Lilly). There are a few quick glimpses at her in the trailer but no lingering shots. It's hard to tell where she is at this point, but her business attire seems to point that she may be at some professional place. Maybe infiltrating Cross's company? 

A nice moment between Lang and his daughter. This looks as if it is before he becomes Ant-Man, but that may very well be wrong. It looks as if it is her birthday party. 

Pym finishes telling Lang about being Ant-Man, and he accepts. 

Our first look at the Ant-Man suit. This whole sequence looks as if it's Lang testing the suit out for the first time, based on the thumbs up shot.

Ant-Man shrinks and then clings to a wall. It's edited to look as if it's in the same place as the shower scene, but it's possible that it isn't.

A shot of the Ant-Man suit, neatly folded up. There was a still previously released (see it here) that looks to be the same scene as this. Lang sees the suit and looks surprised. Maybe this is Lang's first time seeing the suit. Whether he steals it and then gets arrested like in the beginning of the trailer, or Pym is giving it to him after the talk in the bunker is up for debate.

Our there first look at Luis (played by Michael Peña). There's not much known about his role in the film, but I suspect he's some sort of henchman for Cross.

This looks to be Ant-Man watching a flying ant descend. Later in the trailer he rides one, so this is probably part of that sequence.

Ant-Man looks up at something. His eyes look horrified, so I think this is during a battle with Yellow Jacket and something really bad just happened. 

Here's a look at that prison fight I mentioned earlier. 

Lang, dressed as Ant-Man, visits his daughter while she's sleeping. Something must have happened that he would visit her. Maybe he thought she was in danger and she actually wasn't. Or he's quick saying goodbye before he goes out to battle Yellow Jacket where he could die. Who knows?

This is kind of blurry, but we see Ant-Man flipping a man over (probably one of Cross's bodyguards) and crashing him through a glass wall. This looks like a really cool fight that I'm excited to see in full.

Lang stands shirtless. Unless of Hank Pym wears a bra, Hope van Dyne is training Lang. 

Hope training with Lang.

Wow, this trailer just does not want us to get a good look at Evangeline Lilly. Every single shot of her is blurry in some way. 

Cross trapped in some sort of glass prison (Avengers much?). This could be the heroes plan to take him down. All we do know is that he does not look happy to be there.

Probably the best still of Lilly. This looks to be the same scene as earlier. She has her gun out, but who is she aiming at? Another thing to point out is the question whether she will become the Wasp? We don't see any indication that Hope becomes the superhero, but I think the fact that they got Lilly to play the role means that they want her to be the Wasp. Whether that happens in this movie or another, we'll have to wait and see.

Ant-Man running down a hall. This looks like a house, so maybe he's running to his daughter's room. Could this be the same scene as when Lang is in the suit sitting next to his daughter in bed? Could he have thought she was in danger and it turns out she wasn't?

Just based on the look of where Ant-Man is, I think he's in a computer system. I may be completely wrong, but it just looks like that to me. Is he trying to shut something down? Did Cross detonate a bomb or something and Ant-Man has to go in and defuse it? 

This looks to be the same computer location as the previous shot. Probably this is the same sequence as before when Ant-Man was watching the flying ant descend. And now he's riding him.

Ant-Man riding the flying ant. The background looks even more like the inside of a computer in this shot.

Pym and Lang sitting, talking. Probably their first talk after Lang gets out of jail. He says "Is it too late to change the name?", which I thought was hilarious. 


What do you think? Do you agree with any of my theories? Do you disagree? Did you like the trailer? Did I miss anything that stood out to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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