Jurassic World- Hybrid Dinosaur Revealed?

One of my most anticipated films of 2015 is Jurassic World. I love the original Jurassic Park movie and while I wasn't too much of a fan of the two sequels, I think this new one looks great. Chris Pratt is such a fantastic actor and I think the premise sounds great. The trailer was also very well done (read that article here). One thing that they alluded to in the trailer was a "hybrid dinosaur". It is explained in the trailer that scientists took DNA from several different dinosaur species and merged them into one, unpredictable animal, and now that dinosaur is loose. However, we did not see the hybrid in the trailer, leaving many fans wondering what it could look like.

Now, pictures have emerged that may just reveal the design and look of the animal. MILD SPOILERS ahead, but nothing too much. Trust me, I don't like spoilers, and this didn't ruin anything for me. So keep that in mind before you keep reading.


Alright. Here is your first look at the hybrid dinosaur, called Indominus Rex:

It seems like this hybrid is a mix of a T-Rex and a Velociraptor. The more I look and study the images, the more terrifying this animal looks. As was explained in the original Jurassic Park, velociraptors are the most deadly dinosaur. Taking the ferocity and the agility of a raptor and mixing it with the size and power of a T-Rex... I think this design is great and I think it will really make an impact. This dinosaur can really make this film stand out and add new dimensions to a fourth installment in a franchise.

What do you think? Do you like the design of the hybrid dinosaur? Are you excited for Jurassic World? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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