Weekly Box Office Round-Up: American Sniper Snipes Out the Competition

*This article will be tracking the box office for the four day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)*

This weekend, American Sniper, Paddington, Blackhat and The Wedding Ringer opened in theaters. Let's take a look at this past week's box office. 

#1 American Sniper- $107,300,000

On its opening weekend of wide release, American Sniper came in first place. The film broke January box office records, making a massive $30 million Friday night with the $105 million over the whole weekend. People just really wanted to see this film, and I'm sure the Oscar buzz didn't hurt its profit this weekend. But, honestly, when I went to go see it, I was told the movie had been selling out all day. It's no real surprise that the film ended up making so much. You can read our review here.

#2 Paddington- $25,205,000

On its opening weekend, Paddington came in second place. It's not that hard to believe that the kids film made good money this weekend. There was a lot of R-rated, adult themed movies out and Paddington was good counter-programming, and it worked. Plus, the fact that it was getting really good reviews didn't hurt. I think that the film will stick around for a little bit.

#3 The Wedding Ringer- $24,500,000

On its opening weekend, The Wedding Ringer came in third place. Being the first big comedy of the year, the film made a good amount of money on its opening weekend. Plus, it also had big star power in one of the hottest new comedians working right now in Kevin Hart. I don't this movie is going to stick around for a while longer, but I bet it can end up making some good cash. We'll have to wait and see.

#4 Tak3n- $17,400,000

On its second week, Tak3n came in fourth place. Last week the film was number one and now it has dropped to the number four spot. Between the poor critics ratings and the disappointment of fans, Tak3n's box office numbers is slowing down. I won't be surprised if it's off the top 5 by next week. Only time will tell. 

#5 Selma- $11,500,000

On its second week of wide release, Selma came in fifth place. The fact that it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend surely helped boost its numbers as well as the Oscar attention (or lack thereof). However, I think the movie will be off the top 5 list by next week. It's unfortunate because I want this movie to make good money, but it's kind of how these films work. Oh well.

To re-cap, #1 was American Sniper, #2 was Paddington, #3 was The Wedding Ringer, #4 was Tak3n and #5 was Selma.

Next week, the Jennifer Lopez romantic-comedy-horror film The Boy Next Door opens, as well as Johnny Depp's comedy Mortdecai and the animated fantasy film Strange Magic. I think American Sniper will take first place again next week, though.

What do you think of this past week's box office? What will be number one next week? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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