Welcome to 2015!

Hey everyone. I know I posted a similar type article yesterday, but it felt weird having the first article of the new year being about an Adam Sandler movie or something. Last year was fantastic. In seven short months, we grew exponentially. It has been a great year, and now I'm excited for an even better one. I announced yesterday that our special guest writer Rob will be working on the blog more often. Starting soon he'll be doing news articles, editorials and spoiler-free reviews. I've had such a great time working on this blog, and while it will be hard, expansion is the most logical path going forward. So, as we go into the new year, remember that I love to connect and talk movies with you guys. You are the fans and ultimately, I'm doing what I'm doing for you. So please email or comment. What makes film so much fun is the discussion, the debates. 

Welcome to 2015. Let's make this a great year!

Written by: Nate
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