First Look at Spectre- Behind the Scenes Featurette

The twenty fourth James Bond film, Spectre, is set to come out later in 2015 and filming is currently underway. Little is known of the film, other than that it will focus on an organization (SPECTRE) from Bond's past. I have admitted before that I have not seen many Bond films. I still haven't gotten a chance to see Skyfall, but I plan to without a doubt. I am really looking forward to Spectre. It was my eighth most anticipated film of 2015 (read that article here). While we don't have a trailer yet, a featurette was released that shows a little bit behind the scenes of what will be one of the movie's biggest action sequences. The scene takes place on a mountain, and it involves cars, Dave Bautista's Mr. Hinx, and of course, Daniel Craig's badass James Bond. 

I really liked the featurette. It teased the film enough to get you excited and it barely showed anything. If they release, like, four more of these before the film comes out, it will be a great way to keep the movie in people's minds without having to keep dishing out trailers. We also learned a little bit about the plan going into Spectre. They said that their plan was to top Skyfall, which, from everything I've heard, will be an ambitious goal. The action in this featurette looks great and it makes me even more excited to see the movie.

What do you think? Did you like the featurette? Are you looking forward to Spectre? Did you see Skyfall? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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