Kingsman: The Secret Service SPOILER-FREE Review

Manners. Maketh. Man. Kingsman: The Secret Service is an action packed film directed by Matthew Vaughn, starring Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine. The basic premise is that there is a secret spy society called the Kingsmen who go on all sorts of secret missions and whatnot in a very Bond-esque style. One of the members is killed, so a bootcamp is held to choose the new Kingsman. At the same time, an evil millionaire Valentine (Jackson) has a plan to reduce the population greatly and the Kingsmen must figure out a way to stop him. Does the plot sound really cheesy? Yes, but it's supposed to. This film prides itself on making fun of classic action movie clich├ęs. It's almost as it is self-aware about what kind of movie it is. They full-out acknowledge movies like James Bond and Jason Bourne in the film, and state it's they are "not that kind of movie". While other action movies these days go for a serious, darker tone (which can most definitely work), this film goes for a very light, fun feeling which makes its gory violence so fun to watch!

The action in this movie is spectacular. Some of the best action I've seen recently in film. Matthew Vaughn has a very unique style when it comes to his films. His action sequences become almost like art in the way it's shot, edited and plays on screen. These action scenes let you see everything going on in the shot. The camera shakes but it works with the shot. It doesn't inhibit what I can see, but rather adds to the mayhem of the scene. What makes an action scene work for me isn't just shooting people or hitting them over and over, it's the interaction with the environment. Smashing a person into a wall or hitting them with a glass. That makes an action scene more exciting for me, and this movie did that. It had gunplay, but it wasn't all gunplay. It had fist fights, but it wasn't all fist fights. My favorite scene in the movie was a major fight that broke out in a church near the middle of the film, and it is absolute craziness. It's fantastically choreographed and is a true adrenaline rush. You get to see Colin Firth kick all sorts of ass and he does it with such style. And the scene was edited together to look like all one shot. Everything about that scene was executed flawlessly.

Colin Firth was really good in this movie. He may not seem like your typical action star, but he really pulls it off in this film. He's slick, smooth and believable as an ass-kicker. The stand-out to me, though was Taron Egerton as Eggsy. He was the true protagonist of the film and I thought he did a commendable job in this movie. He plays a rugged, street-hard juvenile delinquent in the beginning and by the end he's a Bond-type spy guy. My one complaint is that I found his transition a bit too abrupt, but I quickly forgave it. A lot of people have been suggesting Egerton to play the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and after seeing this movie, I think he'd be great in the role. Samuel L. Jackson was also great as the villain. He had this really heavy lisp that enhanced all of his lines and made him even funnier. He was kind of a cheesy villain, but for the type of movie this was, he was perfect. Mark Hamill also makes a great cameo in the very beginning of the film.

I have some minor problems with it, but ultimately it's just nit-picky things. There were a couple shots that I thought the CGI was lacking, and it took me out of the movie. There was obviously a lot of special effects used for the action scenes that worked spectacularly, but some certain shots and green screens looked fake. I also thought the movie needed one more big action scene. There were maybe three big ones in the movies: the beginning, middle and end, and while they were all great, I was wanting just one more big one. But the church fight made up for all of that! 

This movie isn't supposed to be a dark, serious action thriller. They set that up from the beginning. It's supposed to be a light, fun, gory action flick and it succeeds in that department. There is a LOT of violence and it is really fun to watch just from the way they set up the movie. It has problems like any other movie, but it is all forgiven for the great action this film delivers on. 


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Written by: Nate
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