Special Announcement!

As we grow bigger, I have thought of new ways to change things up and innovate the way we report on movie news. We are approaching three thousand page views, which is a personal victory for me. I have been wanting do to something new with the blog for a while and now, I am happy to report, I can. Start now, The Movie Paradise will have a weekly podcast that corresponds with the written blog. On this podcast, we will take news topics and go deeper into them, doing things that we naturally couldn't do with writing. This is a very exciting new opportunity for us and hopefully you'll tag along.

You can listen to our podcasts here on Podcast Garden: 

And you can also listen to them on YouTube with graphics: 

And the podcasts will be up on iTunes shortly for people to listen to for free, but Apple has to proof-listen to them and such, so it takes a couple days for them to be up. But the other sources I control myself, so they will be instantaneous. 

Thank you guys for reading us and now I hope you will listen to us.

Written by: Nate
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