Avengers: Age of Ultron- Trailer 3 Analysis/Breakdown

The other day, the latest trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron was released (you can see it here). It was a very good trailer, with some interesting shots and parts of it that hinted to what may come in the film. In this article, we're going to break down the trailer shot-for-shot and analyse it, coming up with some theories based on what we see. Just so you know, if there were any repeat shots from other trailers in this one, I didn't include the frames in this article. I have already said what I wanted to say about them and I didn't feel the need to touch upon them again. You can read our analysis of the last trailer here. So, let's get started.

What's interesting about this is that Ultron is sitting on what seems to be a throne. It's fitting for his character that he would physically show his dominance in this fashion, considering his ultimate goal is to rule over humanity. 

So it seems that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will stay with Ultron pretty late in the game. From the looks of Ultron in this scene, he is already in his final form (called Ultron Prime). So at what point do they actually join the Avengers? I have a feeling that they may not even join them in this film, and if they do, it'll be only for part of the third act.

From this scene, with the next shot of all the faces, it's hard to tell whether these people are excited to see the Avengers or not. Ultron may see their attempts to police the world as tyrannical and overstepping their boundaries, which would give him good incentive to try to take them down, as a hero of the people. Or maybe everybody loves them and Ultron feels like an outcast- a failed experiment and he wants revenge for being brought to life. I think either way it adds really cool dimension to the Ultron character and adds more layers to the film.

My best guess at what he's doing is that he's charging himself like a phone. What if the Avengers finally beat him by stalling him until he gets to 0%. I can't tell if that's genius or the stupidest idea ever. Probably the latter.

These next few pictures give an idea of the scale of the destruction in this movie. A lot of sh*t is getting blown up. 

People running from the sh*t.

And there goes the sh*t! KABOOM!

This shot proves that the former Stark tower in The Avengers has now become the headquarters for the Avengers, which we had heard a while back.

So Tony Stark says that he tried to build a suit of armor around the world, which I think makes most sense for his character. In Iron Man 3, we saw that he gives up being Iron Man because he doesn't need it anymore. But the world still does. So what does he do? He develops Ultron to the job for him. For this cinematic universe, I think this storyline makes most sense over the Hank Pym one. It just fits what has already been established really well.

Tony Stark is explaining what he has done. I think there will be a very interesting dynamic between Ultron and Tony, a very hard father/son relationship. Because Tony never really had a father, so we can see that with Ultron essentially "growing up" and becoming this anathema... it will be very hard on Tony. I am excited to see where they go with that.

What I think is interesting about this is that we've all assumed that Tony and Bruce Banner worked on Ultron together. They are the two scientists in the group and we've just assumed that it was a joint project. But from this trailer, we learn that Bruce wasn't in on it. Tony made Ultron all by himself. This will add even more guilt on his conscience, as he is the sole responsibility for the villain. 

With this shot and the shot of the Ultron drones rising from the water, I've never really understood where they are coming from. The last analysis, I theorized that maybe Tony was keeping these in an underground bunker and that's why they're bursting through the ground. I still don't know and I don't think we will know until we see the film, but I do have to admit these shots look awesome. 

Here's another shot of Tony explaining Ultron to Bruce.

More explosions, one taking down the mighty Thor himself.

This shot was really cool and well done, with Captain America grabbing the bumper of the cars, trying to keep them from falling off the bridge. 

At the Marvel Event that happened several months ago, this full scene was revealed. It was never released online officially, but I saw a recording of it, which you can see here. This exchange between Cap and Tony is really setting up Captain America: Civil War, showing their disputes, which I think is key. This movie really needs to help develop that story so that next year, when they do go to war against each other, we believe it.

We have heard rumors for the longest time that Black Widow and Bruce would be in a relationship in this movie. While Mark Ruffalo has denied it, everything points to it actually happening. I've already stated that I think what will make the Hulk go on a rampage that requires the Hulkbuster is that Black Widow is killed by Ultron. That's my theory, but I've been wrong about things before. Hell, I'm mostly wrong about things.

So what is this place? Where are they? My guess is that the world has been overtaken by Ultron and his drones and the Avengers have just suffered a heavy defeat. They are hiding out in this remote house in the middle of nowhere to figure out a game plan before going back and taking down Ultron in act three. At least, that's my thought.

I have to be honest. The first time I saw this trailer and this shot happened, I thought for a split second that it was Wolverine's claws. I had to stop the trailer and watch it again before I realized it was Hawkeye extended his bow. 

I think this shot is awesome, but the CGI to make Hawkeye in this shot is really bothering me. He looks really fake in this shot. Other than that, this is a great shot showing all of the Avengers fighting together.

It seems like Captain America will be everywhere in this movies besides, you know... America.

This is interesting. Tony is holding Loki's scepter. We know Tom Hiddleston
will be making an appearance in this film, but I don't know if he will be connected to this scene. I still have a very unlikely theory that Ultron will be going to Asgard to upgrade using the metal that Thor's hammer is made of and that's where we will see Idris Elba's Heimdall and Loki, but like I said, that is very unlikely. So I don't know how the scepter is related. Maybe it's just a trophy they have from the New York battle.

This shot is cool, but what's interesting is that there's no Hawkeye. A lot of people think that he is going to die in this film. While I personally think it will be Black Widow, his absence from this scene could point towards that theory. Or maybe Hawkeye was quick taking a dump during the team pep talk.

And of course, what would be a Marvel movie without Samuel L. Jackson?

A cool shot of the three main heroes of the Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

It's hard to tell where they are. It looks like some sort of industrial warehouse/factor. It's hard to tell but I think there's a very awesome fight about to break out.

This shot foreshadows that maybe one of the Avengers will die. Tony says some along the lines of that not all of them will make it out alive. While I don't think it will be Cap or Iron Man or any of them, Hawkeye and Black Widow are the most viable options, with my money on Black Widow.

I don't think Ultron is in his final form in this scene. At the end of it, we know Ultron will be made of vibranium, which is what Cap's shield is made of. So if the shield can pierce Ultron's armor, then he is not made of vibranium yet.

This is a very cool looking shot.

We've been getting many glimpses of the Hulk versus the Hulkbuster fight and here's a new shot of it. I don't know how much of the film will be that fight (probably only like ten minutes), but from everything we've seen, I think it's going to be one of the highlights of the film.

I really hope that Scarlet Witch isn't brainwashing Black Widow and making her an enemy of the Avengers. We've already seen that happen with Hawkeye in The Avengers. Maybe Scarlet Witch is accessing her memories, which would lead into the shots we've seen in previous trailers of Black Widow being operated on.

This shot gives an idea of how Quicksilver's powers work and how they look on screen, especially how they differentiate from Evan Peters' Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

So I tried to zoom in on that poster and Google it to see if it was some sort of Easter Egg about the film but I couldn't find anything. It looks foreign, so this scene must happen in a different country. That's all I can really surmise about it.

Cap has taken on the entire Nazi army. I think he can handle a car being thrown at him. Hopefully.

This shot has been shown in previous trailers, but I always thought it was part of the scene in the very beginning of the film where they raid a facility run by Hydra operative Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. But it looks like this is actually part of the third act in a fight against Ultron. 

How badass is Ultron? Thor yells "Is that the best you can do?" and Ultron simply laughs and summons his army.

Okay, this is going to be one hell of a fight.

And here's the little bit of a humor we know and love the Avengers for. We know this film is going to be darker and grittier, but Marvel is known for being more lighthearted, which this line from Cap shows is still eminent. 

A couple things here. First off, I think this is from the third act. Hawkeye and Black Widow are still here, which means they're not dead yet. Second, Scarlet Witch is fighting alongside them, so they must have left Ultron's side and joined the Avengers by now. Quicksilver isn't present but he may be running around fighting the drones and we just can't see him in this shot. And third, that piece in the center is moving up. My first thought is that it is a capsule containing the Vision, who joins in on the fight. But who knows.

This looks awesome. I mean, all we really want to see is the Hulk smash stuff, am I right?

Title. But wait...

It wouldn't be Marvel if it didn't have a post credits teaser. This is our first real look at the Vision, but something I wanted to point out was the gem on his forehead. Many people have been speculating that it might be an infinity stone, which I think is a plausible idea. We'll have to wait and see though.

Am I the only one who actually sees a bit of Paul Bettany in his face? 

And there you have it. That's our analysis/breakdown of the third trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

What do you think? Did you like the trailer? Do you agree with some of my theories? Did you see something I didn't? Are you looking forward to Avengers: Age of Ultron? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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