Christopher McQuarrie Talks Mission Impossible 5

A film I have been looking forward to for some time is Mission Impossible 5. I loved the fourth one, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and I have been excited to see where the fifth installment would go. I even put it as my number seven for my most anticipated films of 2015 (read about that here). The film was originally supposed to come out in December, but it got moved to the summer. That means that a trailer and a marketing campaign should begin very soon. As of right now, we haven't gotten anything marketing wise, but that may change.

In an interview with, director Christopher McQuarrie answered some very pressing questions about the film. You can read the full interview here, where I got these highlights from. Basically, McQuarrie said:

  • The first official teaser trailer will be arriving very soon as will the film's official name, poster and the first promotional photos of the cast

  • The finale did not have to be reshot, it just had to be prepped. They are currently shooting it as we speak

  • Both Paula Patton and Maggie Q were asked to return, but unfortunately were unavailable

  • The film will pay homage to the original television series and have a bit of an "old-school" vibe throughout

  • Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames will have expanded roles compared to the last outing, and Simon Pegg will be getting his hands dirty

  • Sean Harris (Prometheus) will be playing the film's villain

  • McQuarrie broke his own personal record of footage recorded

  • And what should be no surprise to anyone, Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner are both very proficient when it comes to action scenes.

  • This is all very promising. I thought Renner and Pegg was fantastic in Ghost Protocol, and I'm glad to see their characters expanded upon. I'm also glad that a trailer and some first looks at the film are coming soon considering the film is just a few months away. Overall, I think this news makes me optimistic about the movie and I can't wait for that first trailer.

    What do you think? Did you like the information Christopher McQuarrie revealed? Are you looking forward to Mission Impossible 5? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

    Written by: Nate
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