It Follows SPOILER-FREE Review

It Follows is a movie that has been getting crazy good reviews. I believe it has a 95% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is fantastic. However, I am not a big horror fan. I'm just not. If anything, I prepare psychological films over scary movies. But the opportunity came to see this movie and, because of the great reviews, I decided to go. Ultimately, I'm glad I did, because it is a good movie. It's just nowhere near 95% good. 

The movie centers on a girl played by Maika Monroe who has been dating her boyfriend for a while and decides it is time. They sleep together, but shortly after he kidnaps her and brings her to an abandoned lot. He explains that he has passed something onto her, that makes her the target of attacks by these people who will follow her. They can look like anyone, even people she knows and loves, and they will not stop until they kill her. However, no one else can see them but her. I thought the premise was good and step away from your average horror movies these days. 

For me, I didn't find this movie overly scary. However, I really liked it, because I appreciated it for something besides a horror film. The musical score was my favorite part of the movie, as it was extremely reminiscent of the Halloween score by John Carpenter, which I thought was brilliant. It added a sort of tension to the movie, that was more suspenseful to me than the actual movie. The cinematography was also fantastic. This was a very low budget movie, made for only $2 million dollars, and you could tell the filmmakers became creative in to how capture interesting shots with their low budget. 

Generally in low budget horror movies, the dialogue is laughable and the acting is terrible, but this movie didn't have that. The dialogue wasn't Oscar worthy, but it never took me out of the movie. However, the acting wasn't as strong. I thought Monroe was great and probably the best actor out of everyone. The supporting cast weren't very strong actors, but it never truly took me out of the movie. This movie didn't have a lot of character development, but it didn't need to. I think it worked the way it was made, with showing this terrifying aspect of these kids' lives.

I do have a problem with the ending. I won't spoil it, but the filmmakers were going for an ambiguous, Inception-style ending and it just fell flat. I got angry at the movie when the credits began, because that was not the right way to end the movie. It really felt like they had a longer movie planned but they ran out of money so they decided to end it there. That's what it felt like. But even though I didn't care for the ending, the rest of the movie was really good, so I can forgive it.

Overall, this is a pretty good movie. It doesn't meet the ridiculously high ratings critics have been giving it, but it is still interesting. The best parts are the score and the cinematography, and it doesn't rely on regular horror movie cliches like jump scares to be scary. For a person who generally doesn't like horror movies, I thought this one was pretty good.


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Written by: Nate 
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