Jurassic World- Trailer 2

While it hasn't had a huge marketing presence yet, one of my more anticipated films of the summer is Jurassic World. I love the original Jurassic Park and Chris Pratt is a very entertaining actor. Back in November we got our first trailer, which I thought was fantastic. This movie is going to have scope, scale of epic proportions and I think is going to be an awesome thrill-ride. So when I heard that a new trailer was coming out, I was interested but already sold on the movie. After seeing this new trailer, I am sold even more!

This movie looks like it is going to be fantastic! I was worried before that Pratt was going to be his goofy self we know him from Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks and Recreation, but it seems like even though he'll crack a joke here and there, he will be a lot more serious than he has been in the past. While I didn't think Bryce Dallas Howard looked very good in previous trailers, I thought she did fine in this one, and we got to see a shot of Vincent D'Onofrio. My one problem is that the dinosaurs look too much like CGI. I was hoping that they would try to do a blend of practical and animated effects, like what the original Jurassic Park did, and it worries me a bit that it looks like too much CGI. But that is something I will forgive if the movie is awesome.

What do you think? Did you like this trailer? Are you looking forward to Jurassic World? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Written by: Nate 
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