Weekly Box Office Round-Up: Furious 7 Races to the Top

This weekend, Furious 7 and The Woman in Gold opened in theaters. Let's take a look at this past weekend's box office.

#1 Furious 7- $143,623,000

On its opening weekend, Furious 7 came in first place. There was no doubt this movie was going to be a monster, but few could predict how big it actually would be. Originally, it was projected to make around $100 million, but then those projections rose after it made over $60 million on Friday alone. The movie broke records, becoming the highest grossing film to open in April and ninth biggest opening for a movie ever. You can read our review for the movie here

#2 Home- $27,400,000

On its second week, Home came in second place. I knew this film would come in second because it is great counter-programming for a movie like Furious 7. While everyone rushes out to see the action packed blockbuster, families can go see the animated kids film. Domestically it has made over $95 million dollars, yet it has a $135 million dollar budget, plus theater and marketing costs. It still has a little bit to go to break even. 

#3 Get Hard- $12,925,000

On its second week, Get Hard came in third place. Similar to Home, this movie also provided a good alternative to Furious 7 for moviegoers, being an R-rated comedy. While the reviews haven't been spectacular, the star power of Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, two of the biggest comics today, have definitely propelled its earnings. So far it has made of $57 million dollars. Let's see how it does the next few weeks.

#4 Cinderella- $10,289,000

On its fourth week, Cinderella came in fourth place. This movie has been making a lot of money, with a domestic gross so far of over $167 million dollars. While its profits have begun to wane with the release of Home, another kids movie, it has persisted in the top 5. I think it will continue to wind down until it is off the top 5, but let's see how the next few weeks go.

#5 The Divergent Series: Insurgent- $10,000,000

On its third week, The Divergent Series: Insurgent came in fifth place. Last week, the movie was off the top 5 altogether, but has since risen up. The movie has gotten really bad reviews, which is probably why it died off a bit after the initial fans all saw it. Whether it will keep up its pace the next few weeks, probably not, but there's always surprises at the box office.

Next week, the science fiction film Ex Machina opens, and the Al Pacino film Danny Collins goes into a wider release. I think Furious 7 will be number next week again, though.

What do you think of this past weekend's box office? What will be number one next weekend? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate 
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