Food for Thought: Did the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Really Spoil the Movie?

In this new editorial, Food for Thought, we will be taking a popular story in the world of movie news and really analyze it. We'll talk in depth about the pros and cons of the story and really get our hands dirty. Now, these topics will be more than a casting choice or something we can easily write an article about otherwise; these will feature more grey topics and highly opinionated discussions. So, without further adieu, let's get started!

In this installment, we will talk about whether the latest trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice actually spoiled the film.

Just a couple days ago, the latest trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released online, which you can see here, and was met with a lot of resentment and anger from fans. Since the release, fans have complained endlessly about how revealing the trailer is, how it spoils the film by showing Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) united despite the film's title, the reveal of Doomsday and how Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) created him, among other things. As a result of this backlash, I even made my own fan-cut of the trailer, which gets rid of a lot of people's issues. You can see that on our official YouTube channel, here. But in this article, I want to bring up the point that no one is really discussing: did the trailer really spoil anything we didn't already know?

There are many people who don't follow movie news sites, and I understand that. I understand that as the writer for a movie news site I have my ear to the ground and listen to all the rumors and speculation. There are many fans who partake in this, and there are many who simply check out a trailer and then decide to go see a movie. But most of those who are complaining about the trailer are the ones who read all the sites, listen to all the podcasts, and do everything I do. So this article is really addressed to them, and skewed from that perspective. 

For years now we have endlessly heard one rumor: that Doomsday would be the villain in Batman v. Superman. Sure, there has occasionally been rumors that it would be Brianiac or Darkseid or someone else instead, but the prevailing rumor has been Doomsday. This was furthered when we saw the shot in the second trailer of General Zod's (Michael Shannon) body in possession of Lex. What rumor went around after that? That Lex used Zod's Kryptonian DNA to create Doomsday. What did the trailer show? Lex using Zod's Kryptonian DNA to create Doomsday. Back even when the title was announced for the film, we knew that eventually Batman and Superman would make up and form the Justice League. We knew that was going to happen. The subtitle itself is "Dawn of Justice". There was no way that they would stay enemies, or one would kill the other. And what did this trailer show? Batman and Superman made up and working together. 

My point is, we knew about Doomsday from the beginning. We knew that Batman and Superman would be working together. So it doesn't make sense why people are crying foul over this. Some people are saying that we didn't need to actually, physically see it on screen. I understand that, but how does seeing it on screen differ at all from hearing a report confirming Doomsday? It doesn't. This trailer simply realized what most of us have known for a long time already. So did it really spoil the movie? I don't think it did, because all it did was show us things we already knew. If the trailer suddenly showed Doomsday killing Superman and Batman holding his dead body, that would be different. But because we already knew Doomsday was involved and that Superman and Batman would eventually team up, can we really consider the trailer spoiling of the movie? Would I have preferred not to see Doomsday in the trailer? Yes. Would I have preferred not to see Batman and Superman teamed up until I saw the film? Yes. I definitely think this trailer could have been better. But that is not my argument. My argument is whether or not can we really be so outraged over things we already knew. 

I also have a side note about Doomsday that nobody is commenting on. People are saying that DC is "blowing their load" by having a powerhouse of a villain such as Doomsday be "wasted" in Batman v. Superman, but this argument doesn't make sense to me. Who says that Doomsday's role in the DC Cinematic Universe is over with Batman v. Superman? If Doomsday showed up for the final act of Batman v. Superman, was killed and we never saw him again, then I would agree that it was a waste. But I think they have plans for Doomsday. This isn't Sam Raimi's Spider-Man universe. The villain doesn't have to die at the end of every movie. I have a theory as to how Doomsday will be utilized in this film, and will be vital to propelling the formation of the Justice League. 

What I theorize is that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) will be forced to fight Doomsday, a hulking monstrosity infused with Kryptonian DNA. We can already see from the trailer that the fight is enormous, and much of Metropolis and Gotham will be destroyed and ruined in the fight. I think the three will just barely defeat Doomsday, and he will either escape or be detained. What this will do is it will make the three realize that there are threats in the world bigger than just one hero. If the Justice League had been around for Zod's attack on Metropolis, how many more lives would have been saved? By the uniting of the three heroes to defeat Doomsday, they will realize that they need to form a team of heroes in order to fight threats bigger than just one of them. And even this doesn't mean that Doomsday has to die. Like I said, he could escape or be detained, enabling him to return for either a Justice League movie or a standalone Superman film. 

But overall, while we didn't necessarily need to see everything shown in the Batman v. Superman trailer, I don't think it spoiled the movie. We knew about the reveals in the trailer already. We knew about Doomsday. We knew Batman and Superman would team up. So how can we really say the trailer spoiled the movie, if we already knew about everything the trailer showed us? 

What do you think? Do you agree with my viewpoint? Did the latest trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice really spoil the movie, or are people simply overreacting? Do you agree with my theory on Doomsday and the formation of the Justice League? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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