Top 5 Biggest Oscar Snubs of the Year, with a Special Guest Writer

The following exchange was recorded previously. Here is the transcript of writers Nate and Rob talking about the top five biggest Oscar snubs of the year. You can see the full list of Academy Award nominees here

Nate: This is Nate, and I'm here with our other writer, Rob.
Rob: Hi.
Nate: So right now we're going to be talking about what we think are the biggest snubs of the Oscar nominations. I was pretty happy with a lot of the nominations, I don't know about you.
Rob: Eh...
Nate: But, I felt there were a couple key things missing. So we sat down and made a top five list of things we thought were missing from the Oscar nominations that should have been in there. What we're going to try to do is, instead of just saying "Oh, this should have been in there!", we'll talk about what should have been taken out based on the movies we have seen, and what should have been in there instead.

Nate: So we have an honorable mention before we get into our top five, and it's that Idris Elba from Beasts of No Nation. should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor over Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies. Now, for whatever reason, but a lot of people have been raving about Bridge of Spies.
Rob: I find it to be very boring, non-intriguing and overall one of the worst movies this year. I give them a lot of credit for what they did and how much that movie took to make, but I thought the special effects scenes looked lazy. I was not interested in the film whatsoever. Maybe a little in the beginning, but I just thought it was a poorly executed movie.
Nate: It seems like, for me, that Bridge of Spies is getting all these nominations simply because it's directed by Steven Spielberg.
Rob: Yes, that's very true.
Nate: I mean, Mark Rylance; he did a good job, but I don't think he worthy of an Oscar nomination. And Idris Elba was... you didn't see the movie.
Rob: No.
Nate: But I did, and in Beasts of No Nation, Elba is terrifying as the Commandant. He controls the entire screen when he's in the film. He is just incredible in the movie, and if you're looking at the list... is there a single black actor nominated for acting this year?
Rob: Nope. There's not one.
Nate: Wow. Not one.
Rob: Or director. Or screenwriter. Fun fact for you: the screenwriters for Straight Outta Compton were white, if you didn't know that.
Nate: No, I didn't know that. Well then, a lot of the uses of the n-word in the movie could have been taken the wrong way (laughs).
Rob: I suppose (laughs).
Nate: So, I'm not saying give Elba the nominations simply to have a black person in there, but I felt like he gave a better performance than Mark Rylance. And frankly there should be a lot more diversity in this list of nominations. So that's our honorable mention.

Nate: So our number five is the song "See You Again" sung by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. We thought the song should have been nominated for Best Song. Now, we didn't see a lot of the movies that had songs nominated, but Fifty Shades of Grey...
Rob: That song is terrible.
Nate: You've listened to it?
Rob: I've heard it on the radio. It's not good. But the Spectre song, "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith, I thought it was good and maybe it should have been nominated but not over that.
Nate: No, "See You Again"...
Rob: It made that movie, I thought.
Nate: Yeah. And what it did was, it was a perfect send off for Paul Walker and was an emotional song and it really captured this theme of family that the Fast and Furious movies have had as of late. So, it should have been in there for me, and it's an honest to God snub that it's not in there.

Nate: Alright, our number four is that we thought Ridley Scott should have been nominated for Best Director. Now, I've seen most of the movies the directors are nominated for. I have not seen The Big Short, (Editor's Note: At the time of this was recorded, we had not seen The Big Short. Since recording this, we have seen the film and you can read our review for that here) so I cannot comment on Adam McKay, but I have seen Room and it is still my favorite movie of 2015. But, I would have put Ridley Scott over Lenny Abrahamson because, I mean, Lenny did an excellent job with Room. He got out these fantastic performances. Probably the best thing he did with Room was, what should have been an Oscar-nominated performance out of Jacob Tremblay for the kid, and it's probably one of the best kid performances I have ever seen. But, Ridley Scott, he had been on a streak of just sh*t movies for the longest time. Robin Hood. The Counselor. Arguably Prometheus. I kind of liked that movie.
Rob: I hated that movie.
Nate: So, Scott had everything going against him with this movie, and he turned an awesome movie. He took what could have been a really depressing theme and, mixed with Matt Damon's performance, gave us in the eyes of the Golden Globes a comedy.
Rob: (laughs) Yeah.
Nate: ...a really fun, light-hearted film that also knew when to be serious. It was enjoyable. It was a long movie; it was like two hour and a half hours, but it went by like that! I thought Ridley Scott did a lot of good with that movie and is probably one of the best he's done in his career, not just as of late.
Rob: I haven't seen Room, but I understand the movie is about Brie Larson and her son isolated in one room, correct?
Nate: Yes, for most of the movie.
Rob: Now, if you look at that, that director had to direct two people isolated. Ridley Scott had to direct just one person isolated.
Nate: And Scott also knew when it was good to cut to the people on Earth, and when not to. That's also the editing, but he had control over that. So Ridley Scott should have been nominated.

Nate: Okay, you want to take number three?
Rob: Sure. Number three is Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens costume design. We think Star Wars' costume design should have been nominated over The Revenant. For The Revenant, most of the costumes was just bear skin and old colonial clothing, but in Star Wars there were so many creatures and aliens and they all had different clothing.
Nate: And they are mostly practical.
Rob: Yes. In The Revenant, the costumes all looked kind of the same, you know what I mean?
Nate: Now, the reason we chose The Revenant is because many of the movies on the list we have not seen. I haven't seen Carol yet. I haven't seen Cinderella. So I'm not going to speak for those movies, since I haven't seen them yet. I have seen The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road. I wouldn't necessarily put Star Wars in over Mad Max, because Mad Max had a lot to do with costume design, but I would put it over The Revenant.
Rob: Yes.

Rob: So number two is Bridge of Spies for Best Picture. You've heard me say it: I did not like this movie. It was so boring. Didn't I fall asleep?
Nate: You almost fell asleep.
Rob: I was very close to it.
Nate: I had to hit you a couple times to keep you awake.
Rob: It was just not entertaining at all. But the movies we thought that should have been nominated over it were...
Nate: We had three movies that we thought should have been nominated over Bridge of Spies.
Rob: Do you want to talk about the first two?
Nate: Sure. I think Creed and Inside Out are two viable options for that spot. Creed... Ryan Coogler also should have been nominated. I don't think I'd put him over Ridley Scott, but he did a fantastic job. This was really a year for resurrection for franchises. Mad Max was resurrected. Rocky was resurrected. Star Wars was resurrected. Jurassic Park was resurrected. Ryan Coogler did a fantastic in bringing the old and the new and melding them together, and really just giving us a great movie that was filled with action, and comedy, and it was thrilling. You got, possible, a Best Supporting Actor win for Sylvester Stallone.
Rob: Maybe.
Nate: So, Creed was overall a better film that Bridge of Spies.
Rob: I one hundred percent agree. I don't know where I put Creed in my list for this year, but I know I'd put it in at least the top ten.
Nate: Yeah, now for Inside Out. It did get the nomination for Best Animated Film, and it probably will win it. But, Inside Out should have also been nominated for Best Picture over Bridge of Spies, because Inside Out was just an absolutely brilliant movie. It took a concept that could have been lost on just children but adults as well, but focusing on people's emotions. It took such an original idea and it was able to execute it so perfectly. It used wit and comedy to get across these really adult themes of growing up and dealing with change. As a movie, I thought it accomplished a lot more than Bridge of Spies did, so I would put Inside Out and Creed as options to put into Bridge of Spies' slot. Now you have another one?
Rob: Yeah, I don't know if I'd say it's my favorite, but it was one of my most anticipated films and it lived up to the hype. And I know people say it kind of trails off in the end, and I felt like the story kind of dies when Eazy-E passes away.
Nate: Spoiler...
Rob: That happened in real life.
Nate: Oh, yeah (laughs)
Rob: (laughs) Yeah, anyways. When Eazy-E died, I felt the story started to lag, but most of the movie was absolute perfection. Like the Detroit scene, that was great. The soundtrack. All the performances. You could have nominated Jason Mitchell as Eazy-E. What a fantastic movie that was. F. Gary Gray did a great job directing all the concerts. Paul Giamatti was good. And the white screenplay writers... (laughs). So yeah, I definitely would have put that in over Bridge of Spies. But I'm not that upset over it, because I know it would never have won. But I would like to have seen it get more recognition than it just its screenplay.

Nate: And what's our final one? Do you want to take this one?
Rob: Sure. Now, we put this as the top snub strictly because we thought it should have won this category. It's Aaron Sorkin for adapted screenplay for Steve Jobs.
Nate: Now, when you look at last year, what was the big thing everyone was talking about. The big thing was that The LEGO Movie was not nominated for Best Animated Film, because everyone thought it was going to win. Now, Aaron Sorkin for Steve Jobs, we're putting this as number one because we thought he should have won.
Rob: Yes.
Nate: It's an absolute snub that he was not nominated, because he would have won. Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet give excellent performances, and Danny Boyle does a great job directing, but what really shines for me is the screenplay. It's most walking around and talking, similar to last year's Birdman, and I would consider Steve Jobs this year's Birdman.
Rob: Yeah.
Nate: It's a bunch of actors walking around and talking, and what Aaron Sorkin did separating the film into three acts and making it into three long scenes by incorporating all this dialogue and incorporating all this technical talk while also making it engaging. Part of that is the actors, but a lot of that is the writing.
Rob: Yeah, and Bridge of Spies was a lot of walking and talking with some action pieces. But when they talked, I didn't give two sh*ts about what they had to say.
Nate: Did you give one sh*t, just not two?
Rob: (laughs) The dialogue in Steve Jobs kept me entertained every step of the way. I'd put that in my top ten as well. I thought it was a great movie strictly because of Sorkin's screenplay.

Nate: So we'll just run through our list again. Our honorable mention was Idris Elba for a Best Supporting Actor nomination over Mark Rylance. And you want to take the top 5?
Rob: Sure. At number five we have "See You Again". We thought that song should have have been nominated over either "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith or the Fifty Shades of Grey song. Number four is we thought Ridley Scott should have been nominated for Best Director. I haven't seen a lot the films, but I thought he should have just been in there. Nate says he should have been nominated over Lenny Abrahamson for Room. Number three is Star Wars costume design over The Revenant. Number two is Bridge of Spies should not have been nominated for Best Picture, and either Straight Outta Compton, Creed or Inside Out should have been in there instead, or at least been added on to make it ten. And number one, the big snub of the year, is Aaron Sorkin should have been nominated and should have won for Best Adapted Screenplay for Steve Jobs.
Nate: Alright. That wraps up our list. I'm Nate, he's Rob. Thanks for reading.

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