2016 Summer Blockbuster Preview- PART ONE

As we get closer to May, the official summer blockbuster season is beginning. The biggest films of the year are on their way. But with so many big movies coming out, it's hard to pick which ones to see and which ones not to see. In this preview, we'll try to narrow it down a bit. Not all of these are going to be the best film of the year, right? So let's dive into the blockbusters hitting theaters the next few months.


Captain America: Civil War- May 6th

Right now, Captain America: Civil War is my most anticipated film of the year. It's Avenger v. Avenger, and this movie looks absolutely insane. It's been getting fantastic reviews, and is said to be one of the best Marvel films to date. This is the biggest summer blockbuster, and probably the biggest comic book film for the rest of the year. I cannot wait to see this movie next weekend. This is definitely going to be one to see. If you could only see one on this list, I would say see Captain America: Civil War. It's going to be huge, and I think it has a real shot of being another billion dollar movie for Marvel. Absolutely see this film. It's going to be awesome!

The Nice Guys- May 20th

Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe are two fantastic actors working today. Already the two of them together sells me on this film. But mix the premise of it being a buddy cop movie with a hard R but fun feel, with Iron Man 3 director Shane Black who has proven to be able to do stylized action well, then you have the excitement for The Nice Guys. I think this is going to be a great movie, and I am very excited to see it. Iron Man 3 wasn't the best movie, but I thought Black did a fairly good job directing it. Seeing The Nice Guys will also help me make up my mind on whether I like him rebooting Predator or not. This movie has a lot of potential, and I think it could turn out to be a big summer hit. 

Angry Birds- May 20th

I think I was alone in groaning when I heard the news that an Angry Birds movie was coming, based off the app. I mean, it just sounded like a complete cash-grab, and I didn't see how you could create a story out of it. But the past couple trailers have actually been funny, and it's got a stellar voice cast. I'm not willing to take it to the bank that this will be a good movie, but I'm optimistic. I'd say there's a 65% chance this will be a good movie, which is decent odds. I don't know if I'll rush to see it in theaters though. It will depend on how good the reviews are. But I am mildly anticipating Angry Birds. Mildly. 

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising- May 20th

I never saw the original Neighbors film, but I am definitely going to check it out before I go see Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. I have liked all the trailers, and have found them really funny. Seth Rogen is a powerhouse when it comes to comedy, and this may very well be another hit. Plus, the addition of Chloe Grace Moretz is great casting. This could be just another comedy sequel that sucks, but I find I'm more optimistic with films. Again, I didn't see the original so I could very well hate it. But I think Neighbors 2 could be on the same level as the first one for fans, and I have hopes that will be a worthy successor. 

X-Men: Apocalypse- May 27th

I love the X-Men franchise. There have been some low points, but there have been some very high points, especially 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past. With X-Men: Apocalypse, director Bryan Singer is back, along with the First Class cast and a whole bunch of new actors taking on the classic, iconic roles of Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, etc. I have high hopes for this film, and I think it could be on par with Days of Future Past. And I am happy to announce that I will (hopefully) be doing a marathon to watch all the X-Men movies before the release of Apocalypse. I am still doing some fine-tuning and trying to make it work with my schedule, but I'll have more information about it later on the month. 


Warcraft- June 10th

I was interested in this movie for a while... up until I saw the first trailer. Bad CGI. Uninteresting action. Boring. These were all thoughts I've had, watching the Warcraft trailer ever since. There's nothing appealing for me, and I'm a big fan of fantasy films. I think this is going to be a very hollow, CGI-dependent film, and will not be the first video game movie adaptation to be good. That honor, I hope, is being reserved for Assassin's Creed later in the year. I'll have to see how good the reviews are for Warcraft when it comes out, but as it stands now I have no desire or plan to see this movie in theaters. 

Finding Dory- June 17th

Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Pixar films. It's such a great movie, and it's an integral part of my childhood. So you can see why I would have reservations about a sequel fourteen years later. I've been mixed on the trailers. While the world is recaptured perfectly, the comedic humor isn't all there. Hopefully they're saving Finding Dory's best jokes for the theater, but so far it hasn't impressed me. I'm sure this will end up being great, and I'll go see it, but I'm not sold yet. I'm sure the reviews will change my mind when they're released. I'm optimistic it will be good, but I haven't been sold on this movie yet.

Central Intelligence- June 17th

The only reason I'm buying into this movie at all is because of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. They are both are powerhouses in movies right now, and I'll watch anything with the Rock. The first trailer wasn't all great, but I actually really liked the second one. I'm hoping this turns out to be a really funny and cool action/comedy, but I think it's going to suck. I can predict how it's going to go: the movie is not funny but the Rock shines in it. Similar to Hercules or San Andreas. But I'm really hoping this turns out to be a great summer movie. All the pieces are there; I just hope they fit. 

Independence Day: Resurgence- June 24th

I'm not a huge fan of the original Independence Day film. I personally think it's overrated, and kind of dumb. So when I heard that a sequel was in development, I didn't share everyone else's enthusiasm. I haven't really been keeping up with the trailers because I just don't care about this movie. I'll maybe see it in theaters if the reviews are fantastic, but I don't think that's going to happen. So I don't have much to say about Independence Day: Resurgence. I'm just going to see Free State of Jones instead that weekend and save some money. 

Free State of Jones- June 24th 

This is a movie I've been excited for ever since I saw the first still of Matthew McConaughey. The trailers have really impressed me, and I think this film has a lot of potential. I'm confused as to why it's being released in the summer, because it feels like a fall release would suite it better. But regardless, I am really anticipating Free State of Jones. This looks to be an interest point-of-view of the Civil War, and could prove to be a fresh and reinvigorating interpretation of the war. I just hope it lives up to my expectations. 

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So that's our preview of the 2016 summer blockbusters. What do you think? Which films are you excited for? Which are you going to pass on? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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