2016 Summer Blockbuster Preview- PART TWO

As we get closer to May, the official summer blockbuster season is beginning. The biggest films of the year are on their way. But with so many big movies coming out, it's hard to pick which ones to see and which ones not to see. In this preview, we'll try to narrow it down a bit. Not all of these are going to be the best film of the year, right? So let's dive into the blockbusters hitting theaters the next few months.'

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The BFG- July 1st

The BFG is a story I remember from my childhood. It's a great book written by Roald Dahl, and it is ripe for a cinematic interpretation. Who better to make this film than Steven Spielberg. While the CGI in the trailers needs to be touched up, I think all the pieces are in place for a really special movie. I don't know if I'll necessarily see this in theaters. The BFG is something I can wait for its home video release to see. But, if it gets really good reviews, then I'll be the first one in line to see it. While I didn't really care for Spielberg's last effort with Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies, Rylance did win an Academy Award for his performance, and I think they can together make a great film out of The BFG

The Secret Life of Pets- July 8th

I've seen a couple trailers for The Secret Life of Pets, and I think they've been hilarious. The idea of what animals do when we're gone... it's like Toy Story. Plus, this has a really good voice cast lined up. I am hoping this will be a good animated film. I was floured by how much I liked Zootopia earlier this year, and I'm hoping that Finding Dory will follow in its footsteps. The Secret Life of Pets could be added to the list of really good animated films in 2016, and I'm really hoping that comes to fruition. It has a great concept with a really good cast. Hopefully, it all came together into a funny and entertaining movie. 

Ghostbusters- July 15th

Ghostbusters has been one of the most controversial films of the summer. The trailer is said to be the most disliked trailer in YouTube history, and not many people have faith in the project. I trust Paul Feig, and he seems to always do well with his usual crew. I didn't really care for the trailer, though. The jokes just did not hit. I have high hopes that this movie will end up being really good, but the trailer brought down my enthusiasm for this film. I'm hoping they release a new trailer soon that reinvigorates fans, and shows them why they should go see this movie. I'm still optimistic about Ghostbusters, but as it seems everyone else has checked out. 

Star Trek Beyond- July 22nd

After it's not very good first trailer, Star Trek Beyond has seemingly fallen completely off the radar. I have heard no buzz or excitement for it. I didn't like the trailer really. It felt like they saw Guardians of the Galaxy, and decided to remake it. It is just not a very good fit for Star Trek Beyond. Actor and writer Simon Pegg has said that there's a lot more to the film that wasn't shown in the trailer, and I'm hoping he's right. I have really liked the past two installments, and Justin Lin did a good job with the Fast and Furious franchise. I'm hopeful that this film will turn out really good, but right now I fear it's going to be just another dumb action movie that loses sight of what makes the franchise Star Trek

Jason Bourne- July 29th

I am in the minority, as I am not a fan of the Bourne franchise. I thought the first one was okay, and I did not like the second. I haven't even seen the third or the Jeremy Renner one. So this film is not in the line of sight at all. I didn't watch the trailer, just because I am so disinterested in this series. I'm hoping I can be turned around on it. Maybe someone will force me to see Jason Bourne and I'll really like it, but right now I have no plans to see it. I know I am in the minority, but I just haven't cared for what I've seen in the series so far, and I don't have any personal reason for wanting to go out and see another one. 


Suicide Squad- August 5th

Aside from Captain America: Civil War, this film has to be my most anticipated of the summer. When they first announced Suicide Squad as the follow-up to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, a lot of people (myself included) were scratching our heads. But after Batman v. Superman's disappointment, Suicide Squad has quickly become a highly anticipated film. The past two trailers have sold me: the style, the tone, the humor and the use of music. It all looks to be a beautiful, chaotic mess that will result in a really entertaining movie. I am hopeful that Suicide Squad doesn't suffer from the same structual problems as Batman v. Superman, and that David Ayer brings us a very unique look at the villains of the DC Cinematic Universe

The Founder- August 5th

I wasn't even really aware this movie was coming out until I saw the trailer, and then I became excited for The Founder. It looks like a great biopic from Michael Keaton, who has been on a roll lately. I am very confused, however, on why the hell it is being released in August. It looks like it should be a fall movie, as it could be an Oscar contender. But Boyhood was released in the summer of 2014, and managed to gather a lot of nominations. So perhaps The Founder will do the same. Or maybe it's not that kind of film. Maybe after I watch the movie, I'll see that it wasn't built to be an Oscar movie and is better served as counter-programming in the summer. But I'll have to wait to see the film before I can make that assertion. 

Sausage Party- August 12th

I am really excited to see Sausage Party. Seth Rogen and his gang have been knocking it out of the park lately, and putting them in an animated film about food sounds hilarious. The trailer was brilliant, and I immediately bought into the premise. This film is going for a full-blown, hard R rating, and not giving two sh*ts about it. Early reviews have already come in, praising the film. So I am very optimistic about this film. Rogen has been striking gold with everything he has been doing, and I hope that Sausage Party is another example of it. 

Ben-Hur- August 19th

I didn't love the Ben-Hur trailer, but I'm still interested in seeing this film. We've seen the story many times before (Gladiator), and the CGI doesn't look like anything special. I know many people are outraged that a classic film like Ben-Hur is being remade, but I don't share that sentiment. I haven't seen the original, so I don't have a stake in it either way. I am judging the film solely based on the trailer I saw, and it didn't wow me. I'm hoping I'm wrong and this turns out to be a really fun and solid remake. But I'm not too hopeful. I'm having a feeling that this will turn out to not be very good, but I hope I'm wrong.

War Dogs- August 19th

I saw a trailer for War Dogs in the theaters, and I immediately bought into it. Miles Teller was fantastic in Whiplash, my favorite movie of 2014, and I have been excited to see what he does next (forgetting, of course, Fantastic Four). And Jonah Hill is, well, Jonah Hill. The premise of the film sounds awesome. And the style of the trailer was captivating. This seems like it could be a fun, gritty, R-rated film that is just a fun two hours at the movies. I don't expect this film to be game-changing, but I think it has a lot of potential to be entertaining. I'm going to go see it in theaters, and I hope it's actually good. 

So that's our preview of the 2016 summer blockbusters. What do you think? Which films are you excited for? Which are you going to pass on? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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