What Does Suicide Squad Mean for the DC Cinematic Universe?

Way back when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was ready to come out, the mentality was that this film had to be amazing, or else it would sink the DC Cinematic Universe. Man of Steel, though I really liked it, was mixed for fans, and DC needed to catch up to Marvel. So if Batman v. Superman was bad, then the cinematic universe would be over. Well, Batman v. Superman came out and people didn't like it. I wrote a similar article then, about what the movie meant for the larger universe, which you can read here. But then there was a new beacon of hope. Wait six months and you have Suicide Squad. Now all the attention turned to this movie. If Suicide Squad was bad, then it would definitely sink the DC Cinematic Universe. And now that this film has come out, it turned out to be less than desirable. You can read our review of it here. But now that we know that Suicide Squad won't be the saving grace of DC, we can accurately ask ourselves: What does this film mean for the larger cinematic universe?

I do want to expand on something I briefly mentioned in my review. I think that too much pressure was put on this film to be excellent. When we entered 2016, Batman v. Superman was the film with insurmountable pressure to succeed, and Suicide Squad was a smaller film. But when Batman v. Superman failed, fans turned to Suicide Squad and put that same pressure on it. I don't think DC was prepared for that. They knew Batman v. Superman would have the pressure, and it was built for it. But this smaller, different story wasn't built to withstand the through-the-roof expectations, and was definitely never meant to be the sole savior of this cinematic universe. And for a film that was in post-production, that pressure that was suddenly put on it makes some of the editing choices a lot more understandable. I can see Warner Bros. panicking in post, and forcing all of the songs into the film, along with differing cuts, with resulted in the amalgamation of a messily cut together film.

Regardless of whether the pressure was unfair, Warner Bros. panicked and put out a half-baked film. They are still responsible for the uneven tone, the forced music, the choppy editing and the underwhelming story. And whether they like it or not, Suicide Squad is a defining chapter in the future for DC. The previous two films were directed by Zack Snyder, and you could put the blame for those films on him. If you didn't like Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman, you could blame Snyder, and claim he wasn't a good fit for this universe. An interesting prospect going into Suicide Squad was that it was directed by someone new, David Ayer, who has made some incredible films like Fury and End of Watch. With a fresh voice in this universe, it could prove that the problem was more Snyder than anything else. But after Suicide Squad, we can see that the problem isn't the directors... it's the studio. 

Right now, DC already has Wonder Woman and Justice League in the bag. If those films come out and are as mixed as the past three films have been, then DC is done. They can put out more movies, but no one is going to care. Suicide Squad could have proven that DC is ready to make a great, larger universe. That they trust their directors like Marvel does. That they know how to meticulously build like Marvel. But instead, they have shown that all they're doing is rushing out movies in order to catch up. So what does Suicide Squad mean for the DC Cinematic Universe? It means they've had two strikes. It hasn't sunken the universe by any means, but it puts that much more pressure on Wonder Woman and Justice League. If those movies falter, then DC is done. They can't afford anymore bad movies. The time to f*ck around is over. Suicide Squad was their last free pass. And now the game is really on.

What do you think? Have you seen Suicide Squad yet? Did you like it? What do you think the film means for the larger DC Cinematic Universe? Do you agree with my points? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate 
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