Beauty and the Beast- Trailer 2

Just ten days ago, Entertainment Weekly did a full spread on Beauty and the Beast, giving us a major glimpse at the world they've created, as well as our first look at Dan Stevens as the Beast. You can look at those images here. I knew as soon as we got those pictures that a trailer was on the way, but I thought it would be a lot sooner. But days passed, and it didn't look like a trailer was coming. I was really wanting to see a new trailer, because the first teaser we got was just that-- a teaser. It was just some CGI shots of the mansion with some voices in the background. It was nothing substantial. For a person who is really excited to see this film, I wanted a full trailer. I wanted a real look at this world. I wanted to see the costumes, the CGI, the actors all in motion, because it's one thing just to look at the picture of them and make your judgments from that, but it's another to actually see them how they were intended to be seen, in motion. So I've been very excited to see a new trailer for Beauty and the Beast, and now we have one. 

I really liked this trailer. For me, it captured a lot of the magic of the original animated film. A lot of the set design is straight out of that animated movie. They've just captured its essence so perfectly, and I think that's the right move for this film. I had some hesitations about the household objects, but as soon as they came to life and I heard their voices, it worked for me. I was nervous about Ewan McGreggor as Lumiere, because we has said many times before that he struggled with doing the French accent, but he sounded fine to me. So that was reassuring. My one problem is that I'm not sold on the Beast. He doesn't look frightening enough to me. I liked the images that I saw of him in EW. but seeing him in motion and his interactions with the other characters... he's not grotesque enough. He needs to be more of a monster than he is. But I'm hoping that the film will be so good that that's something I forget about. Overall, I'm glad we got this trailer, because it gives me a lot of faith that they're going to do the animated movie justice.

What do you think? Did you like the trailer for Beauty and the Beast? Are you looking forward to seeing the film? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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