Fist Fight- Redband Trailer

**Warning: Contains Strong Language**

I haven't really been on board with Fist Fight so far. I love Charlie Day and Ice Cube. I'm a huge fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Day really shines on that show. And with Ice Cube's roles in the 21 Jump Street films, and even going back to Friday, he's proven himself to be a great comedic talent. So having the two of them in a film together really catches my interest. However, I don't think the trailers have been very good. The comedy feels really forced, and it just looks dumb, which is upsetting since I like these actors so much. I really want this movie to be good, but there has been nothing so far to show me that this film will be anything decent. But now we have a redband trailer. I didn't realize that this movie was rated R. I always assumed it was PG-13, mainly because of how watered down the other trailers have felt. But that suddenly makes sense if this movie is rated R, because they have to edit the greenband trailers around the inappropriate material. And for comedies, that tends to be a lot of stuff that's left out, making it feel hollow. So I watched the redband trailer with high hopes that it would finally sell me on this movie.

I do think this is the best trailer they've put out, but I wasn't entirely sold on it. Ice Cube definitely shines more when he's able to drop f-bombs left and right. I think some of the scenes with him in the trailer really worked, like in the beginning with the coffee machine, and when he references his N.W.A. days when he says "F*ck the police". Those were good, funny moments. I also liked the new angle this trailer showed, in that the teachers are all worn down by students who don't give a sh*t. That's something we haven't seen yet, as the prior trailers had focused solely on the actual fist fight. But I like this new angle, because it adds more to the movie. Watching this trailer, it does sell me on that this needs to be rated R. I don't think I would have any remote interest if it was PG-13, but because it's rated R I have some interest in it. And this redband trailer did change my tune a bit. I wasn't blown away by the trailer, but I have gone from entirely skipping this movie to considering checking it out... depending upon what the critical reviews are. Now, I have had fun with comedies that have gotten poor Rotten Tomatoes reviews, but if this stands at a 9% or something ridiculous like that, then I think I'll just go ahead and skip it. But as it stands right now, after this trailer, I'm not entirely opposed to seeing Fist Fight

What do you think? Did you like the redband trailer for Fist Fight? Are you looking forward to seeing the film? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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