SDCC 2017: DC Panel- Wonder Woman 2 and Flashpoint Confirmed; Ben Affleck Addresses Batman Rumors

DC had a pretty eventful presentation at San Diego Comic Con this year. They debuted the third trailer for Justice League, which you can see here. They also showed Aquaman footage, which they didn't release to the public. One of the things people expected from DC was some clarification on their upcoming slate of films. Over the past year or so, DC has announced literally over a dozen movies, and have not acted on any of them. Currently, the only movie actually in production is Aquaman, which has finished shooting and is set to come out next year. At the convention, we learned that Shazam would be the next DC movie to begin shooting. You can read the full story here. But that still left countless DC movies in the dark, such as Gotham City Sirens, Nightwing, Batgirl, Man of Steel 2, Justice League Dark, The Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern Corps., and the list goes on and on. While they've been announced, and some of them have directors and writers attached, we have no idea when they're supposed to begin filming, nor when they're going to be coming out. So fans thought that DC would take some time during their Hall H panel to clarify some of the mess surrounding their slate. While we didn't exactly get all the answers we wanted, we did learn a few very interesting things. 

Not only is Wonder Woman 2 officially confirmed, but The Flash film that has been in development hell for years is now will be called Flashpoint, after the famous comic book run. Let's start with Wonder Woman 2. This was a no-brainer. Of course they were going to make a sequel. Not only was the first film awesome (read our review here), but it made a lot of money at the box office. It has made $780 million dollars worldwide, and it is still going strong. So they were obviously going to do another one. The real question is whether Patty Jenkins will be back to direct. She's not contractually obligated to do another one, so the ball is completely in her court as to whether she wants to come back or not. I have a feeling though we'll find out pretty soon that she's signed on to do the next one. As for Flashpoint, this is a little more interesting. In the comic books, The Flash can run so fast that he can cross through different dimensions. So Flashpoint was in reference to a mixing of those different dimensions and parallel realities, blending the universes together.  One example is an alternate universe in which it's Bruce Wayne who's shot by the mugger, instead of Thomas and Martha. As a result, Thomas becomes the Batman to avenge the death of his son, and Martha goes clinically insane, becoming the Joker. It's things like this that are explored in Flashpoint, which would make for a fascinating on screen adaptation. This could be a very smart way for DC to subtly reboot parts of their universe, and use this as a device to retool things. Which takes us right into the next part of the story...

There has been a ton of rumors over the last several months about Ben Affleck wanting out of the DC Cinematic Universe. Reports say he doesn't want to be Batman anymore, and Justice League will be the last time we see him as the Caped Crusader. The Matt Reeves directed The Batman film will not star Affleck, and something like a Flashpoint could be used to recast the role. That's been the narrative so far. But, at Comic Con, Affleck seemed to debunk those rumors. Affleck said that playing Batman was a role of a lifetime, and that he finds the experience awesome. He said he would keep playing Batman as long as DC wants him. Now, it's easy to take this at face-value, but let's not fool ourselves; Affleck was also adamant that he would be directing The Batman, and look what ended up happening there. I would like to believe Affleck, I really would. I love his incarnation of Batman, and I want to see his own solo film. I want to see Affleck play this role for the next 10-15 years! But the sad reality is that Affleck and DC are trying to spin this as to not undermine Justice League. If we all knew that Affleck was done as Batman after Justice League, and we learned a new Batman had been cast, then that would completely undo all of Affleck's work as Batman in Justice League. If the rumors are true, and Affleck is done as Batman, then it wouldn't be announced until after Justice League had hit theaters. But if Affleck was simply trying to deflect questions, why would he say something as potentially damning as "I'll play Batman as long as DC will have me"? This has me thinking... what if we're going about this the wrong way? What if it isn't that Affleck doesn't want to play Batman anymore, but DC doesn't want Affleck to play Batman anymore. Think of it this way: suddenly he's not directing the solo film anymore. Affleck said it was his choice, but it could've easily have been DC's. Then they're not using his script, and starting from scratch. Perhaps DC doesn't want to deal with Affleck anymore, and Affleck used Comic Con as a chance to try to reason with DC, and shift the blame to them. If he's not back as Batman, it's that they didn't want him back as Batman. I'm not saying this is the case, nor that it's likely. I just think it helps rationalize Affleck's comments a bit, without it sounding like he's completely lying. I'm hoping that the rumors are just rumors, and Affleck won't be going anywhere as Batman. But I really just don't know if that's actually the case. 

What do you think? Are you glad that Wonder Woman 2 is officially confirmed? What do you think of the Flash solo film being Flashpoint? What do you make of Ben Affleck's comments? Do you think he's done playing Batman after Justice League? Were you happy with San Diego Comic Con this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Written by: Nate
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